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Pre-Certification Assessment

BCI Certification Assessment Venues

The assessment of BCI certification takes place under a rigid invigilation in authorized BCI Assessment Centers (BACs). As far as the reach of BAC is concerned, it already has a global network and is on the verge of expanding to 80 more countries. Also, there are possibilities of expansion through an alliance with international examination bodies.

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BCI Pre-Certification Assessment System

All the registrants who successfully qualify all prescribed BCI assessment components are awarded with BCI Certification.

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BCI Assessment Policies

All examinees should be aware of BCI Certification Assessment Policies before taking the BCI assessment.

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BCI Certification Assessment Calendar

All the registrants schedule their examination as per the calendar released by BCI BPO Professional Certifications Board every quarter.

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Pre-Certification Training and Preparation Credits

BCI Pre-Certification Preparation Requirements & Training

Preparation Completion Credits (PCC) is required by the registrants as per the prescribed number set by BCI

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Study Material (Self)

The prestigious BCI Certification study and instruction material has been designed on the basis of BCI HCMS21 standard and published by John Wiley.

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