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CBOL‌™ Program

CBOL‌™ program is designed for accomplished professionals in BPO service operations whose careers present an inspiring litany of achievements that may have altered the competitive profile of their employer-organizations and elevated their service delivery quality and client-centered activities to the next level.

CBOL‌™ is the world’s most premier and the ONLY qualification for operations and delivery heads in BPO organizations or in other BPO-like organizations and environments where skilled teams handle documentation, data, information, interact with customers and deliver other backoffice services through well-defined processes.

Professionals require to pass through/pre-qualify a form-based candidacy check before they can register for CBOL‌™. CBOM‌™ certified professionals are automatically qualified for CBOL‌™ registration. Once their registration for the program completes, participants require to complete a number of assignment-based submissions. There are no examinations or assessments mandated for CBOL‌™. The award, instead, is based on a detailed, structured evaluation of applicants’ professional accomplishments; their understanding of complex global issues surrounding excellence in service delivery and process operations management in a business process environment and their vision about what can be taken to the next level and made to contribute to the growth of clients and also the outsourcing industry.


Establish Yourself as an Impact Force in BPO Operations

Individuals are required to apply for a candidacy-check to pre-qualify for registration in CBOL™. The Qualification Request form is available here.
Once the pre-qualification is approved, applicants are advised to complete their registration for CBOL™ and pay the fee. For applicants who already hold the CBOM™ credential, their pre-qualification will be automatic and their application will be processed for registration. Please note that there is no fee to be paid at the time of filling out this Qualification Request form. You will be required to make fee payment only after you qualify for registration and complete the registration process.

Who Should Apply for CBOL™?

Registration in this program is not direct. Interested professionals require to first earn a qualification to register for CBOL™. CBOL™ is an unmatched global qualification for mid-career professionals who desire to lead operations and client deliveries in large BPO organizations and to grow fast in their careers as senior managers in the middle management rung. The following have been benefitting the most over the last several years from the BCI Leader-level qualifications:

  • Individuals who desire to leap into the bigger league of employers but who have been working for some years as managers in small BPO companies or in other team-based, process-oriented work environment in other types of organizations.

  • Individuals currently working in non-BPO environments as senior managers or department heads, but who now desire to join the middle management in large BPO organizations.

  • Professionals already working as department/functional heads or similar positions and who now want an international qualification in their functional areas to further their career growth. BCI receives a high number of CBOL™ applications from professionals across the world who are working in telecom, banking, insurance, retail and IT services industries and who now wish to break into the BPO industry.

CBOL™ Benefits

Global Recognition

CBOL™ is the most powerful international qualification for operations heads in BPO companies and in other organizations having process-oriented work environment as they are in the elite international league of high-performers with illustrious accomplishments in their professional roles, ethics and visionary contributions to their industry.

Career Advantage

Being a CBOL™ means enjoying the international qualification advantages and becoming globally visible and mobile resources with even higher salaries and perks.

CBOL™ certified professionals manage to deliver more and better in their jobs in large organizations thanks to their wider and deeper perspective built through a proven exposure, experience and success in handling the most challenging roles related to various dimensions of functional leadership involving technology, process knowledge and high doses of leadership capabilities.

Employer Benefits

CBOL™ qualified professionals prove precious assets for their employers because, they infuse new professional energy in the organization and help make the work-culture and environment global. Most typically, CBOL™ qualified individuals can help start and establish new horizontals and verticals.


CBOL Assessments

There are no exams to qualify in CBOL™. Participants in the program are instead required to submit written assignments and reports on a variety of operation management issues to showcase their thought leadership and professional acumen in the function. The assignments given to CBOL™ participants cover the several themes that impact operations management strategies and decision making.

CBOL™ Areas of Professional Excellence

1. Vision of the Future of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Industry

  • Contours of change in the objectives & paradigms of Business Process Outsourcing
  • BPO Services of the Future
  • Competitive Landscape of Global BPO Industry

2. Vision of the Future of Operations Management in BPOs

  • Emerging & Future Models of BPO Operations Management
  • Enhancing Global Competitiveness through Operations Management Excellence
  • New Drivers of Operations Management Excellence in BPO Organizations

3. Challenges of Managing BPO Operations

  • People Performance challenges for BPO organizations
  • Productivity & Service Delivery Challenges for BPO Organizations
  • Quality and Operational Excellence Challenges for BPO Organizations

4. Role of a BPO Operations Leader

  • Roles of a BPO Operations Leader
  • Skills & Competencies of a BPO Operations Leader

5. Contribution to Operations Excellence & Organization Growth

  • Thinking & Implementing Worldclass Operations Excellence Paradigms
  • Contribution to Business Expansion
  • Contribution to Organization Branding & Reputation

CBOL‌™ Recertification

Your CBOL‌‌™ certification is valid for life and in case you wish to extend it, you will have to recertify it every three years. Recertification means refreshing your CBOL‌™ credential before the changes in the environment and competence requirements render the qualification irrelevant. Keeping your accreditation is simple. There will be repeated certification reminders from the BCI and from other BCI partners in the form of emails and text messages- and you will have to simply click on the links and it will redirect you to the desired page or alternatively, you can also login to your BCI account and register for recertification. Remember, training is NOT mandatory for recertification and you have to only register and complete some documentary formalities.

How many times can you Recertify for CBOL‌‌™?

BCI enables you to take an unlimited number of recertification chances for CBOL‌‌™ and it becomes invalid only if it has not been “refreshed” once in three years. However, after four years of your CBOL‌‌™ award, you will be considered by the BCI for an invitation to join the BCI Business Leader program – leading to the elite Business Leader credential - the Certified BPO Business Leader (CBBL‌™).

How to Recertify for CBOL‌™?

The process of recertification for CBOL‌‌™ can be summed up in simple 3-steps-

You can register for your recertification directly with the BCI on any of the BCI portals. You will receive the CBOL‌™ recertification vouchers and relevant information associated with the process including the login details of your recertification account, training and assessments after the successful completion of registration and payment of required fee. Payments for the recertification can be made through credit/debit card or a recertification voucher, which can be purchased from the nearest local BCI training provider. Remember- you can directly appear for the CBOL‌™ recertification since it demands no PCC or training requirements. Do remember to register early if you want to enjoy the benefits of fee!
Once you have applied for an upgrade to CBOL‌™, it will be mandatory for you to complete the following BCI-recommended submissions after logging into your account:
  • Your latest Curriculum Vitae in the format available on the CBOL‌™ application section of the BCI portal
  • Quality Leadership Experiences
  • BPO Vision Paper
  • Change Management Case
  • Photographs
You have reached almost there now. Once you qualify prerequisites prescribed by BCI norms on knowledge and competencies, your CBOL™ credential will be reactivated for another year and your new CBOL™ Credential Pack will be delivered to you in a period of 30-45 days.
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The Digitally Badged CBOL™

The CBOL™ is a global digital credential adding value to your profile. It is highly accepted by current and potential employers, and colleagues since it authenticates your capabilities and adds credibility to your professional presence on various social and digital platforms. The digital CBOL™ certification contains a secure digital link to the BCI cloud which validates your authenticity and potential to manage complex role in the given job profile.

Digitally Badge
Credential Case

The CBOL™ Credential Case

The next thing that you receive after successfully completing CBOL™ program apart from the assurance of leading the global market is a credential case. This Credential case is treasure presented to you by the BCI and consists of a BCI Code of Ethics booklet to provide you with the fair idea of how thing come along in here.

Pre-Qualification Essential for Registration!
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