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CBSS™ Program

The CBSS™ is a powerful global qualification for backoffice professionals working in transaction processing BPO companies as Associates and who now desire to handle more challenging roles and tasks and move to frontline leadership positions sooner than later. CBSS™ certified professionals also earn the exclusive right to upgrade to the coveted CBTS™ and CBOM™ qualifications of BCI as they move up in their careers.

CBSS™ Certification proves your readiness for assuming more responsible positions in the transaction processing, dataworks and backoffice functions, and also your fitness for working in the best of companies in data processing; document conversion and data capture etc. Successful completion of the program leads to the award of the CBSS™ credential and a permission to use the CBSS™ designation. CBSS™ certified professionals have proven knowledge and competence for handling complex service delivery roles in horizontals like transaction processing; data capture and conversion; document construction & conversion; forms processing etc.

CBSS™ is awarded to individuals who successfully complete the requirements as prescribed by the BPO Professional Certification Board (BPCB). These requirements primarily include submissions of proofs of competence accumulated through formal learning and past work and/or qualifying the online CBSS‌™ examinations organized worldwide in various authorized BCI centers on dates specified in the BCI Assessments Calendar.

Preparation for CBSS‌™ examinations can certainly be done by applicants: either through self-study, or by training with any of the authorized BCI Training Providers, including independent BPO/IT training academies, as well as International Centers for Outsourcing Studies in universities operating in various countries.


Pre-registered applicants need not apply again.

Their applications are lining up for necessary action.



$ 450 USD (All Inclusive)

This is a one-time fee for an individual applicant. The fee covers the costs of certification exam; learning kit; digital badging, credential kit, and all material shipping costs. This fee does not include special local taxes, duties, and levies etc., which may be applicable in the receiver’s/ consignee’s/ applicant’s country.

Contact us for special price quotes for bulk-certification of employees/ workforce.

Who Should Get CBSS‌™ Certified?

CBSS™ is an unmatched global qualification for all BackOffice services professionals who desire to grow fast in their careers in transaction processing BPO outfits; banks; data processing centers. The following have been benefitting the most over the last several years from the CBSS™ qualification:

  • Individuals who desire to leap into the bigger league of employers but who are currently working in small outfits and setups as agents, executives, representatives, or officers in small BPO companies; collection centers and similar organizations offering services to their clients related to BackOffice work.

  • Individuals currently working in small offices as administration executives, but who now desire to grow into officers or executives in the data processing or documentation departments of large companies or who want to now work in backoffice BPO organizations.

  • Professionals already working in the backoffices of companies, banks or government offices and who now seek an international qualification.

What jobs can CBSS‌™ prepare you for?

  • Data processing, data capture, and data conversion

  • Document conversion, digitization, and desktop publishing

  • Forms reconciliation and online surveys

How Does CBSS‌™ Work

How Does CBSS‌™ Work?

Advanced data concepts, keyboarding, spreadsheets, and robust knowledge expertise related to team-playing, communication, workplace effectiveness, and professional etiquette are covered by CBSS™. The knowledge standards and effective subject grasp are assessed during the CBSS‌™ examinations and they match the level of BackOffice professionals with 1 year of experience in such functions or roles. If you have an active and valid CBSA‌™ certification, you are exempted from CBSS™ certification examination.

CBSS‌™ Benefits

Global Recognition

CBSS‌™ has established itself as the most comprehensive international qualification for professionals with a career in the senior documentation, data processing, and back office. Back office BPO service providers, as well as large organizations, around the world look forward to working with CBSS™ professionals as it gives them the confidence that comes from the knowledge standards of the elite international league of high-performers.

Career Advantage

To be a CBSS™ implies to be an elite BCI alumnus who is a part of the distinguished pool of international BPO professionals. If individual professionals are CBSS‌™ qualified, they are benefited by the international qualification advantages in their career growth and development and they become internationally mobile resources with high emoluments and incentives.

Due to the wide spectrum of exposure, experience, and success in managing challenges, the CBSS‌™ professionals establish a homogenous and consistent service delivery and perform better than their counterparts. They have a deeper perspective built that helps them manage diverse dimensions and functionalities of the customer relationship management function.

Employer Benefits

The CBSS™ qualified professionals introduce new professional efficiency in the workplace and prove important human capital for their employers because of their ability to raise the bar to the highest levels of performance, productivity, and service quality with which they can help the work culture and environment to evolve.

The CBSS™ qualified individuals deploy new capabilities on different processes and quickly absorbs the technical expertise and knowledge standards in new horizontals and client verticals. Even on the complex processes and difficult horizontals and verticals, they really come good on the work performance, ethics, and professional efficiency.

Become a CBSS™ Certificant

I am a CBSA™ how to become a CBSS™?

The upgrade is easy. 6 months after achieving the CBSA™ Certification, an individual can upgrade to CBSS™- Certified BackOffice Services Specialist. AS the CBSA™ credential is valid and most relevant in the first year of an agent’s career and CBSS™ suits the individual professionals in their career growth mostly from the second year onwards, most of the CBSA™ certified individuals prefer upgrading to CBSS™ rather than the recertification. BCI and other BCI partners take the responsibility to send frequent reminder emails and there are mentioned links which can be clicked on for further information. There’s another option of logging into the BCI account for the CBSS™ upgrade.

When can you Upgrade to CBSS™ from CBSA™?

After 6 months of the awarding of the CBSA™ certification, CBSS™ upgrade certification can be applied for. Instead of CBSA™ recertification, most of the CBSA™ certified individuals prefer upgrading to CBSS™ when 2 months of CBSA™ expiration date is still remaining. There are various upgrade offers and schemes that are frequently sent through emails by the BCI which benefits saving on upgrade voucher costs.

A second CBSA™ recertification is not allowed by the BCI and in case an individual has already achieved the CBSA™ recertification, then CBSS™ is the only option. If BCI does not receive the upgrade application within two weeks of the time period before the CBSA™ certification expires, the upgrade request is processed as a fresh CBSS™ application with the full CBSS™ application fee.

Upgrade to CBSS‌‌™

Leverage your CBSA‌™ Qualification

Upgrading from CBSA‌™ is simple:

  • Apply for upgrade online from the BCI website, or write an email.
  • Submit your latest curriculum vitae/ resume.
  • Prepare and submit a report on the key aspects of your learnings and achievements since attaining the CBSA‌™ certification.
  • Check for additional requirement message from BCI, if there are any, and complete the formalities if instructed.
  • Await for approval of your upgrade to CBSS‌™

I have no other BCI Certification; how can I become a CBSS™?

The CBSS™ qualification for a new applicant is a simple 5-step process:

  • Become a Primary Member

    Apply for any certification present on the BCI website to become a primary user member and a link is sent to the applicant with the application process mentioned along with the link for registration portal.

  • Register for CBSS™

    As per the instructions mentioned for the registration in the email/communication received, the registration and the payment processes have to be completed.

  • Train & Prepare for the CBSS™ Certification Assessments

    To appear for the CBSS™ certification, training is NOT a mandatory condition. BCI offers self-study option in some countries while in many others, the applicant is referred to the BCI Authorized Training Provider for training. BCI duly informs the applicants by sending an email with the information on the registration confirmation.

  • Take the CBSS™ Certification Assessments

    Appear online for the CBSS™ Certification Examination on the scheduled date and time. The CBSS™ examination must be taken within the time period of 15 days of registration to 1 year from the registration date. Besides, there are some other assignments and documents which have to be submitted as well.

  • Certification Decision

    One is eligible for the consideration of the award of the CBSS™ certification, once all the prescribed BCI norms on knowledge and Competence Prerequisites are successfully submitted. The CBSS™ Credential Pack reaches the awarded individual within 30-45 days post award-declaration.

CBSS‌‌™ Candidacy Requirements

The parameters on which the applicants must be evaluated and deemed fit for any BCI certification application are defined by the candidacy requirements which vary across certifications.

Educational Requirements

There are no specifications stipulated by BCI for CBSS™ regarding the formal education but it is in the own interest of the candidates to have 14 years of formal education at the time of applying. Usually the candidates who apply for the CBSS™ certification, possess A-Level/O-Level/Higher Secondary/12th grade certification. Applicants in many Asian and African countries with an undergraduate degree or those who have just graduated out of the university- prove to be better prepared for the CBSS‌‌™ qualification than those applicants who have not been to college or university yet.

Professional/Work Requirements

A minimum of 6 months of work experience is prescribed by the BCI. This experience counts jobs in positions of work related to common documentation, data processing or back office, and administration roles in BPO companies.

Applicants who come from non-BPO backgrounds:

A minimum of 18 months of work experience is prescribed by the BCI in associate level positions in common service processes such as documentation, digitization, data processing, desk-top-publishing, back office, and administration in sectors like banking, insurance, retail, and telecommunication industry.

For applicants who come from BPO or contact center backgrounds:

A minimum of 6 months of work experience is prescribed by the BCI in data processing, back office or administration roles in BPO companies or other organizations’ offices.

For applicants who have the BCI CBSA‌™ certification:

A minimum of 3 months of work experience is prescribed by the BCI in data processing, back office or administration roles in BPO companies or offices of other organizations.


An applicant must have completed 18 years of age at the time of CBSS‌™ application. No upper age limit for any BCI certification program.

The World’s Leading Resources for Back Office Services Professionals

Individuals registered for the CBSS™ program are provided with the full CBSS™ Certification Preparation Kit to help them study and prepare for their CBSS™ Credential examination. This kit is provided completely FREE to all registrants across the world after BCI has approved their candidacy for CBSS™, and their payment of the program registration fee is through.

BCI Resource

CBSS™ Exam

The BPO Professional Certifications Board (BPCB) mandates that individuals desirous of acquiring a BCI certifications require to qualify computer–based exams based on the BCI standards framework. All BCI Exams are computer–based tests timed between 120 - 150 minutes. Applicants registered in BCI certification program enjoy the convenience of scheduling and taking their certification exams online. Partner companies, organizations and universities establish their own BCI-approved exam centers connected to the BCI online examination system Credent. In many global locations, certification testing leader ExamStrong‌™ manages BCI exams offering registrants the facility to take their BCI exams even at home or in office.

CBSS Assessment Snapshots

Based on the updated Knowledge & Competence Pre-requisites under HCMS21 Release 9.14.
  • Exam Code: CD0-001
  • Maximum Marks: 500
  • Passing score: 70%
  • Languages: English

(Soon also in: French, Spanish, Chinese & Arabic)

Assessment Component No. of Questions Length of Test
CBSS‌™ Domain Knowledge Assessment 75 90 Minutes
Referee Feedback Reports - -

CBSS™ Training & Preparation Completion Requirements

No training specifications have been made compulsory by the BCI as the eligibility criteria to appear in the CBSS™ certification examinations. In case the applicants are interested in some prior training, they can register themselves with the nearest authorized BCI Training provider for external training/Master Class on the payment of an additional fee to the training company. All locations may not have the necessary training facilities readily available at all times and the applicants are requested to communicate with BCI from time to time for detailed advice on the matter. CBSS™ registrants who prefer to take training are automatically directed to the nearest authorized BCI training provider.


CBSS™ registrants in many countries have the opportunity to study on their own for the examinations with the help of BCI partner provided online resources and printed reading material. Attempts are underway for the establishment of Self-Learning programs for global CBSS™ aspirants.

CBSS™ Critical Areas of Professional Knowledge & Competence

Areas of Knowledge & Competence Pre-requisites for BPO Operations Managers as prescribed under HCMS21 Release 9.14, 2019.
Code Assessment Component
A1 CBSS‌™ Domain Knowledge
1. Trends & Developments in Business Process Outsourcing

Trends in Business Process Outsourcing, Developments in Business Process Outsourcing

2. Principles & Techniques of Professional Effectiveness Enhancement

Increasing Professional Effectiveness Through Personal Image & Brand, Enhancing Productivity through Effective Time management, Enhancing Professional Effectiveness Through Performance Planning, Managing Interpersonal Relationships & Conflicts, Increasing Professional Performance through Effective Stress Management, Managing Personal & Professional Growth

3. Contemporary Back-Office & Business Processing Services

Latest Developments in Back-Office Services domain, Knowledge about Commonly Outsourced Back-Office Services Tasks and Activities, Skills & Techniques Demanded in Back-Office Services, Metrics in Back-Office Services Delivery

CBSS™ Assessment Structure & Plan

As prescribed under HCMS21 Release 9.14, 2019.

Components of CBSS™ Assessment Policy for first-time BCI Registrants:
Assessment Category Final Assessment Component Maximum Marks
A1 CBSS‌™ Online Assessment 300
R1 Referee Feedback Reports 200
Important Note:
  1. The CBSS‌™ Online examination seeks to evaluate an examinee’s knowledge about the Back-Office Services domain.

  2. To complete their eligibility for CBSS‌™ Award consideration by BCI, all CBSS‌™ registrants have to furnish Referee Reports.

  3. Referee Reports are feedbacks from the Registrant’s senior/supervisor/managers on areas like Registrant’s work performance, professional competence and ethics.

  4. Referee Reports are to be filled-in online on the BCI Assessment portal by Registrant’s superiors as mentioned above. The registrant shall be given a portal link which (s)he has to share with her/his referees. The referees will then go online on this link and fill-in the Report and submit.

CBSS‌™ Domain Knowledge Examination Weights
Areas of Professional Knowledge to be Assessed Proportional Weightage in Exam (in %)
Trends and Developments in Business Process Outsourcing 20
Principles & Techniques of Professional Effectiveness Enhancement 30
Contemporary Back-Office & Business Processing Services 50

CBSS™ Certification Validity

Three years from the date of award is the exact validity of the CBSS™ certification. The validity of the certification exists for this time period because of the ever-changing and continuously evolving BPO industry, its extensive knowledge system, and skill standards requirements. This eventually transforms the core values of the positions and functions of Backoffice service profession as well as the BCI standards. To keep in tandem with the advancements and transitions of the modern BPO industry, the CBSS™ certified individuals are required to either recertify or upgrade to the new level.

CBSS‌™ Recertification

The CBSS‌™ Certification is valid for 3 years and recertification is mandatory to continue the qualification. Recertification signifies the revalidation of CBSS‌™ credential before it expires in the time period of 3 years and the intimation channels are kept open by the regular reminder emails sent by BCI and other BCI partners. An individual needs to click on the links mentioned in these email communications or else to log into the BCI account for CBSS‌™ recertification registration. It is to be noted that training is NOT mandatory for recertification and one has to only register and complete some basic formalities related to documents. The CBSS™ recertification examination has to be cleared, if an individual is not working for more than last three months at the time of recertification application.

How many times can you Recertify for CBSS‌™?

There are no limits prescribed by BCI on the number of times recertification examination can be appeared in for CBSS™. The CBSS‌™ qualification expires only in case it is not cleared by an individual once every three years. Upgrade to the Team Lead certification – the CBTS‌™- Certified BPO Team-Lead Specialist - after two years of your CBSS‌™ award. Regular reminders are sent by BCI and other BCI partners related to this as well as exciting upgrade offers, which can be grabbed for fee discounts.

When to apply for a Recertification for CBSS™?

Recertification has to be applied for minimum 8 weeks prior to the CBSS‌™ certification expiry date as mentioned on the CBSS‌™certification. The reminders to this effect are sent by BCI from time to time and if the CBSS‌™ recertification application is NOT received by BCI two weeks before the certification expiry date, the recertification request will be processed as a fresh CBSS‌™ application only and that too on the full payment of CBSS‌™ fee.

How to Recertify for CBSS‌™?

Recertification for CBSS‌™ is a simple 3-step process:

An individual can register for the recertification directly with BCI on one of the BCI portals or approach the nearest authorized BCI training providers for assistance. Once all the steps of the registration and payment of the required fee are completed, emails are sent intimating about the CBSS‌™ recertification Voucher, training and assessments information, and the Recertification account login details. After completing the recertification formalities as mentioned in Step 2 below, an individual qualify for the CBSS‌™ recertification directly. An early registration helps avail the fee benefit!
After applying for the CBSS‌™ recertification, an individual is required to complete certain BCI-prescribed formalities after logging into the account which are:
  • Submission of the current resume in the format available on the CBSS‌™ Recertification section of the BCI portal.
  • Completion of the Online Service Delivery Career Experience Report which chronicles significant details about achievements and standards of knowledge after accomplishing the CBSS‌™ certification to be filled as per the instructions.
  • Clearance of CBSS‌™ recertification examination, If not working for three months or more prior to the date of CBSS‌™ recertification application. Choose online a particular date and time combination as the examination schedule from the BCI Examination Schedule available in the examination section.
On the successful qualification of all stipulated BCI norms on Knowledge and Competence Prerequisites and required documentation, the CBSS‌™ credential stands reactivated for another one year and the new CBSS‌™ Credential Pack reaches within 30-45 days.
Click here to apply for CBSS‌™ recertification!


Become a Team-Lead – CBTS‌‌™

Upgrade from CBSS‌™

A minimum of 24 months after receiving the CBSS‌™ Certification, an individual can upgrade to the specialist level BCI qualification the CBTS‌™ - Certified BPO Team-Lead Specialist. International trends point to the growing prominence of the CBTS™ certification the likes of which are:

  • It is advisable to upgrade to CBTS‌™ rather than doing recertification for the second time as proved by the choice of majority of CBSS‌‌™ certificants in Asia who prefer to do so after their first recertification. The CBTS‌‌™ starts suiting such professionals more after third year of career as they receive opportunities in team leading or supervisory roles.
  • Many CBSS‌™ certified individuals do both: the CBSS™ recertification to keep continuous the qualification as well as upgrade to CBTS‌™ for the preparation of a possible supervisory role. For the individuals who prefer doing both, interesting offers are provided by BCI partners who reach out through emails and texts.

Upgrading to CBTS‌‌™ is easy. There is a steady flow of reminder emails from BCI and other BCI partners which leaves just the task of clicking on the links mentioned in the emails or logging into the BCI account to register for the CBTS‌™ upgrade.

When to apply for an Upgrade from CBSS‌™

Apply for the CBTS‌™ upgrade 24 months after the award of the CBSS‌™ credential.

How to Upgrade from CBSS‌™?

Upgrading from CBSS‌™ is a simple 3-step process:

Register for CBTS™ upgrade directly with BCI on the BCI portal or any of the nearest authorized BCI training providers can be approached for the necessary assistance. After successful registration and payment of the required fee, the CBTS‌™ upgrade Voucher is sent to the individual along with other information related to training and assessments including the upgrade application details- all through email. Upgrade provides the option of direct qualification CBTS™ after the upgrade formalities completion as described in Step 2 below. An early registration can lead fee benefits!
After CBTS™ upgrade application is successfully completed, BCI-prescribed formalities have to be fulfilled by logging into the account:
  • The most recent resume has to be submitted in the format provided on the CBTS™ application section of the BCI portal.
  • Submit the important details regarding key achieved knowledge and accomplished endeavors in the roles of supervisory and team-based performance by completion and submission of the Online Team Work Experience Report as per the given instructions.
  • Appear in and clear the CBTS‌™ Upgrade examination which comprises of fewer sections as against the standard CBTS‌™ Certification examination, which is meant for the non-CBSS‌™ applicants. Examination can de scheduled as per one’s convenience by selecting online the combination of specific date and time from the BCI Examination Schedule present in the examination section.
When all important BCI norms on Knowledge and Competence Prerequisites are completed along with the submissions of documents, an individual gets the eligibility for the CBSS‌™ credential award and the receipt of CBSS‌™ Credential Pack which reaches within 30-45 days from the date of award.
Click here to apply for an Upgrade from CBSS‌™!

The Digitally Badged CBSS™

The CBSS™ becomes a global credential at once also because it is digitally badged now! Which means you can easily share your BCI credential digitally and securely with your current and prospective employers and colleagues, and they can verify it ever so easily, too.

A digitally-badged CBSS™ adds that strong dash of credibility to your online professional presence. You can conveniently showcase your well-earned BCI credential as a high-visibility icon on web-pages; on your LinkedIn profile; on social media platforms and in your email signatures. It's your most secure, reliable and authentic token of your promise, potential and capabilities for performing your talent management roles with excellence.

The CBSS™ digital badge is a verifiable digital token of your BCI qualification containing within it a secure digital link to the BCI cloud, where the bonafides and authenticity of your BCI credential can be validated instantly by those who you have allowed to.

Digitally Badge
Credential Case

The CBSS™ Credential Case

The moment you register yourself for this BCI Certification exam, a swanky credential case awaits you. This astonishing box enclosing the CBSS™ Credential is an added incentive for the endowed to work a jiff better to qualify the exam. Along with the credential comes another special spur in the form of a lapel pin, which exhibits your credential while being positioned on your top pockets. This tempting box also encompasses a delightful treasure to be savored in the form of BCI Code of Ethics booklet.

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