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Over the past several years, international trends and industry researches have consistently shown that in volatile, high-stakes, complex and skills-dependent industries like outsourcing and business process management, workforce and managers trained and certified on global standards are in highest demand. BCI certifications exceed the needs and expectations of client companies as well as BPO service-provider organizations including contact centers, technical support companies and of almost every organization that produces services through teams in process-based systems.

Why BPO and similar organizations prefer BCI-Certified professionals globally

Highly Sought After By Recruiters

BCI Certified Professionals remain to be highly sought after as the first choice of the best known organization across the world, especially the ones who serve Fortune 500 clients and seek an edge in their services personnel.

acceptance rate % of BCI certified professionals globally-higher
rising acceptance of BCI certified over the years

BCI Certified Professionals Grow Faster

Numerous researches conducted by BCI and its affiliates have consistently demonstrated that the career growth trajectory of BCI certified agents are double that of their non-certified counterparts. The major components of this growth are higher salaries, getting hired by bigger and more reputed global organizations, assignment of bigger job roles and acknowledgement and recognition by industry peers and superiors.

rising acceptance of BCI certified over the years

BCI certifications are not merely the world’s number one BPO qualifications. They are uniquely valuable also because they create employability for a wide range of other industries, functions and job-profiles – cutting across banking, retailing, insurance, tourism, hospitality – in addition to outsourcing.

BCI meets the knowledge and qualification needs of job-hungry graduating students, growth-bound recent career-starters as well as professionals who are wishing to switch to BPO industry from other industries. Covering all roles and levels in the BPO industry, BCI certifications are respected internationally as the most reliable qualification-benchmark and filter by BPO companies when it comes to hiring, promotion and performance management. BCI’s certifications for career-starters and those entering the workforce have provided countries the opportunity to enhance employability of youth. To learn about a BCI certification that fits your needs, read more here.


BCI certifications are cut out for organizations having large operations and teams in process-based functions like customer interaction, backoffice support, technical support, helpdesk, sales accounting, billing and tele-sales.

There are four certifications - CCIP™, CBSA™, CFPA™, CTSA™, certifications are for the junior-most associates. Specialists on these process teams can be certified on CCIS™, CBSS™, CFPS™, CTSS™. Then, there are the CBTS™ and CBOM™ certifications for supervisors and managers. Senior professionals can undergo the higher BCI programs, most of which are upon invitation, but are available to corporate clients upon recommendation.

Such large organizations can become BCI Corporate Academy Partners to get direct access to the globally renowned BCI worldwide certification mechanism for their workforce. Parallel to this, training and development heads or learning heads of BPO and IT companies throughout the world directly apply to BCI to enroll their employees.


BCI has been and continues to be the preferred solution partner for several national provincial governments cross the world aiming to elevate their BPO industries to the next level of global competitiveness.

The Government Services Advisory Group (GASG) was created in BCI to augment governments’ and government sponsored agencies’ promotional efforts of their BPO industries, thereby empowering them to develop robust human competence frameworks and efficiently engineered talent management structures, which form the backbone for any industry.

Key Services Offered by the Government Services Advisory Group

  1. Development and Implementation of Human Competence Frameworks, Architecture and Standards.
  2. Development of a unified National Framework for Certification and Credentialing of the BPO talent pool and workforce.
  3. Development and implementation of Service Delivery Systems and Standards.

Global Outsourcing hubs worth hundreds of billions of dollars today, such as Bangalore and Makati, stand testimony to the collective direction demonstrated by emerging nations and its people to augment their economic might through the development of their BPO industries. Globally, BCI stands committed to support nations and governments in their quest for competitive excellence.

To know more about how BCI can help promote the BPO industry in your country, please write to

The opportunities presented by the rapidly rising demand for a trained and certified BPO workforce is best leveraged by training companies and universities. If you are a training organization or a university, BCI provides the resources and guidance you need to start your BPO education/ training activities.

From published content, readymade training programs, international certifications, assessment systems, trainer-development assistance and complete BPO training management knowhow, BCI provides all possible assistance.

All emerging economies and even developing nations are expanding their BPO and ICT industries actively, providing massive opportunities in training and development, which is what BCI is best suited to help its Authorized Training Partners leverage.


How To Get Certified?

Getting a prestigious BCI Certification is a simple and convenient process, comprising five easy steps:

How To Get Certified

BCI Certification Benefits

BCI certified professionals enjoy several benefits throughout their careers as distinguished and internationally acknowledged professionals:

As a BCI certified professional, you carry:

  • 1

    The confidence that you possess the cutting-edge of knowledge and the highest level of professional competence in your work-function and work-domain – because, you’ve tested well on the most rigorous BCI standards.

  • 2

    A globally respected qualification that puts you ahead of most others in your work-function and work-domain – because BCI prescribes the only and most stringent BCI HCMS21 skills-standards for BPO professional talents.

  • 3

    The most powerful credential to stake a claim for the best BPO jobs available at your level internationally in your work-function and work-domain – because BCI credentials are attained by the very best professionals.

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BCI Certification Benefits

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However, we will use your stories to inspire other organizations, professionals, departments and bodies in their quest for excellence- You can go ahead and write your story! You may upload a document or photographs or videos, if you desire. Please do not forget to check your email after completing your submission(s). A pleasant surprise may be in store for you! Many thanks again. We look forward to continuing to enrich our relationship even further.

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"Managing operations and service delivery for international clients is fraught with extreme challenges of riding over crises and winning people for high performance. My CBOL™ qualification assured my peers and seniors that I was indeed capable of handling big-ticket client-operations."

Pooja Singh
Cetana e-Solutions


Each BCI certification comes with a period of validity to the qualification and credential associated with it- This is because the outsourcing space change in tandem with the evolving BCI standards. Hence, recertification or qualification upgrade becomes imperative for the BCI certificants (holders of BCI qualifications / certifications) their current BCI certification becomes invalid.

The recertification process can be encapsulated in a simple process-

Step 1:

Register for a Recertification or an Upgrade

This will register you for the recertification of your current BCI certification or for the higher certification.

After the successful completion of registration process and payment of fee, BCI will send you a certification voucher and other information associated with your assessments and training in the form of email. Most importantly, if you are opting for a recertification, you may choose to go for the certification examination directly or complete the other formalities for the dates that you selected. But if you choose to upgrade (recommended by us), you will need to go through training by choosing the mode of preparation and tentative examination dates.

Step 2:

Complete Recertification /Upgrade Requirements

If you have opted for recertification, you will be required to submit some assignments and documents prescribed by the BCI which can be easily uploaded on the BCI portal. If you have opted for an upgradation, you can either self-study or train yourself with a nearest BCI Authorized Training Provider to accumulate the required Preparation Completion Credits (PCCs). You would have already made your choice during the registration step 1.

Step 3: (only for Upgrade applicants)

Take the BCI Certification Assessments

You’re almost there. After fulfilling the other documentation requirements prescribed in your selected certification program, you can take the BCI certification.

Step 4:

Certification Decision

You are there now. If you qualify all norms on knowledge and competence prerequisites prescribed by BCI and submit all required documents for your chosen credential, the Credential is rewarded to you and a slick Credential Pack reaches you in a maximum period of 30 days.

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