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Managing operations and service delivery for international clients is fraught with extreme challenges of riding over crises and winning people for high performance. My CBOL™ qualification assured my peers and seniors that I was indeed capable of handling big-ticket client-operations.

Acquiring the CBPL™ credential itself was an interesting, revealing journey. As a weather-beaten HR manager in Business Services space, I always wanted to acquire a global qualification and the CBPL™ served to elevate my status as a leading people management professional in my country.

Undoubtedly, my six-sigma black belt got me my first big break in quality management function in the contact center industry. However, I needed a more special qualification to differentiate myself from other professionals and I could not find an alternative to CBQL™. Post-CBQL™, I not only got faster raises, I have also gathered the confidence to start my own quality consulting outfit.

My CBOM™ credentials from BCI have given me a significant professional edge. Credentials are a great propeller. Employers look for assurance that you are credible and that they can depend on your profesional knowledge & expertise. At AITS, my CBOM™ Operations Manager designation - ressures my clients that they can rely on me for efficient management of their processes.

Though I was always a BPO Human Resource Management professional with better-than-peer abilities, I still felt I needed a very special BPO-focused qualification in HR and people Management if I wanted to break the glass ceiling and accelerate my growth. The CBPM™ program fit in my scheme of things perfectly as there's nothing as rigorous and as global in BPO HRM as this qualification from BCI. Today, I am viewed with a greater respect by my peers and superiors and I am able to deploy global bes

Training is a complex profession and in the BPO space it adds newer dimensions. When I joined the BPO industry, I had no doubts that I needed a sharply focused qualification like CBTM™ to pummel ahead in my BPO training career. Today, as a BCI-credentialed professional, I stand in the league of global best-practioners in my rarefied functional domain.

Five years into the most challenging of my BPO quality management experience, I always still felt I needed a BPO-specific qualification that proved my expertise as a BPO quality specialist and expanded my career possibilities. That's why I was thrilled to get an opportunity to do the CBQM™ Certification program of BCI.

Leading teams requires some special talents and knowledge. However, to prove to your BPO employers that you have it in you, you have to be credentialed. I chose CBTS™ because of its comprehensive acceptability and cross-domain relevance. Today, I can join any large BPO in West Asia. That's the power of a Right Qualification

In one stroke, my CCIS™ certification has pushed me into a versatile, front-ranking contact-center professional in my company in Ukraine. At Contactis, my seniors trust me more than my other colleagues whenever it comes to handling a tough customer.

Business Process Management is a challenging field and I needed a special qualification to prove my fit for this exciting area. My CBSS™ credential helped me get the confidence of handling the most complex of such processes.

My degree in accounting helped me get into F&A services, but I couldn't grow fast till I attained the CFPS™. This designation added a lot of value to my vitae and within six months I am there among the few who will be promoted and given a raise

With a background in computers, I joined helpdesk support to make a career in the growing Romanian BPO industry, but I was not growing as I had nothing special to prove me different, better and more worthy of promotions. But, my CTSS™ credential has made the difference and I am among the most respected Support Professionals in my company.

The probability of BCI-credentialed Fresh talents proving better hires and even better employees in BPOs is very high. I would always hire a BCI-certified professional for my most important client processes.

Managing young, firebrand Associates is a tremendous challenge, especially because most of them are not career conscious. But BCI-certified fresh talents do exhibit a far better vision of their future and career and therefore appear more focused on their performances on the floor. I definitely look forward to having more and more of them joining us.

Credentialing of human talents in BPO has always been the foremost requirement in this talent-starved industry. BCI’s entry in India has happened at the right time and plugged this long standing gap. To me personally, BCI programs also appeal particularly because of their domain-specific credentialing systems.

EPSI has been working hard to expand employability of college youths in India. BPO is undoubtedly the biggest of employer industries and I do not yet know of any more powerful employability builder than well-spun BPO Certification training programs which global leader BCI and its authorized Training partners are carrying out across India. We have identified many areas where we wish to collaborate with BCI all across India for enhancing BPO employability.