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This program helps BCI identify capable organizations who can supply to BCI training partners and clients, well-aligned and relevant training software; learning aids; reading-learning and training materials, Instruction-ready PowerPoint Presentations, Smart Exercises, Games and Practice Assignments etc., to support the certification training activities. Being a BCI partner means being able to access markets and customers of over 50 countries – an unprecedented opportunity.

BCI Learning Facilitation Partner Program

BCI welcomes all organizations, Learning Professionals, software developers, authors and those connected to learning and has expertise and experience in BPO Knowledge and Learning solutions space to become a part of the BCI global network.

Please write to to share and understand how this partnership can work for you.

BCI Partnering Options for
Learning Partners

More specifically, the BCI strongly encourages learning experts to contribute to:

BCI is always looking for the latest in training systems and software that can be recommended and prescribed for its Training partners worldwide. For instance, an organization having a call-center or speech training software can partner BCI and become a technology supplier to the worldwide BCI network of training providers. A great idea will be to take a look at the areas in which BCI training providers work and then think what can be offered to them.

Please write to to explore opportunities of partnership with BCI in this area.

BCI strongly encourages multilingual content writers and learning experts to become BCI partners because most of the BCI official content used by BCI partners and customers is in English and this content now needs to be converted and translated into languages other than English.

Please write to to explore opportunities of partnership with BCI in this area.

All BCI Training Partners constantly need training and instruction aids like role-plays; cases; games etc., to improve their training effectiveness. BCI strongly encourages organizations and professionals with expertise in these areas to become BCI partners. Indeed, as said earlier, once in the BCI fold, a partner actually addresses a global market.

Please write to to explore opportunities of partnership with BCI in this area.

BCI stakeholders worldwide are increasingly requiring specialist books, learning material and insights on skills and excellence requirements of service businesses, as well as those in business-services and outsourcing organizations. Most of this material is ideally sought in the form of reference books, which can be used by policy makers, strategy designers, practicing managers and trainers to gain a deeper-level insight and understanding about specific challenges, problems and practices. The books, once approved by the BCI, become an essential part of all libraries of BCI partners worldwide, in addition to being recommended specially by BCI from its various publications and websites. In fact, in some cases, BCI may even consider arranging the publishing of the books.

Please write to to explore opportunities of becoming an author for BCI.

BCI Learning Facilitation Partner Program

BCI Assistance & Support for Learning Partners

Under the BCI Partner Assistance Program, the BCI HelpDesk team works in tandem with other carefully selected BCI partners to provide expert services.

The following dimensions receive particular attention:

  • Content, idea and structure support for Learning solutions development.
  • Product Testing support
  • International Network support for rapid achievement of scale economies.
  • Complete support in Branding and marketing of Learning products.
  • Complete support in sales and distribution through BCI network.

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