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CBBL™ Program

The Certified BPO Business Leader Program (CBBL™) is the world’s first, only, and the most prestigious qualification for heads, CEOs, board members and senior executives of BPO companies. It is an invitation only qualification, awarded to leaders having an exceptional track record of professional accomplishments, industry impact and business growth. Nominations are generated by an expert team from a global list of potential awardees. Professionals can also nominate themselves or their colleagues.

The award of this certification is based on a rigorous, detailed and structured evaluation of nominees’ professional vision & accomplishments; their understanding of complex global issues surrounding excellence in BPO business leadership and their understanding about strategic issues surrounding change, growth and excellence in organizations. Needless to say, CBBL™ qualified professionals can work across multiple business domains and verticals, have excellent command on client-interfacing and industry networking, and have proven over the years that they are well on their way to assume the role of industry thought leaders in the near future.

The History of CBBL™

The Certified BPO Business Leader Program (CBBL™) was the world’s very first certification for BPO leaders across the globe and has, over several years, emerged as the most respected and industry leading professional credential for business heads, CEOs, board members and top management executives of BPO companies worldwide.

The history of the CBBL™ crossed a major milestone when it was approved by the BPCB through its exclusive charter in 2007 for business leaders and CXOs with an eminent professional history of contributions to their organizations, and the entire BPO industry in their region.

BCI introduced the CBBL™ in select countries in 2008 only as an honorary credential and not as a professional certification. In its inaugural phase, the prestigious CBBL™ was awarded by invite-only and a special committee was appointed by the BCI to award the CBBL™ to carefully chosen business leaders of international repute.

In the second quarter of 2009, the CBBL™ was approved as a credential and professional certification and since then all eligible top level BPO professionals have been able to register for it.

In 2014, CBBL™, returned to its original invitation-only policy to retain its exclusivity. The only new change included was the provision for self-nomination and 3rd party nomination.

An outstanding feature of the CBBL™ is that it is awarded after a rigorous evaluation process and exhaustive validation of the professional background of the applicants, and once awarded, it is valid for life.


A Credential That Announces Your Class to the World!

And that is why CBBL™ can be earned by only a handful of business leaders. Certification award is based on a rigorous nomination-based evaluation process. Information about the nomination process is available here.

Once the nomination is approved, applicants are advised to complete their registration and pay the fee. Please note that there is no fee to be paid at the time of filling out the Nomination Request form. You will be required to make fee payment only when your nomination approves. For more details, please write to us at

Who Are Invited for CBBL™?

  • Creative and successful entrepreneurs in the ICT industry, who have established innovative BPO outfits

  • Business Heads and CEOs who have grown their companies at a CAGR of 40% or more over the last 5 years

  • CEOs, senior professionals and CXOs who have created new BPO domains and evolved ground-breaking business models and management systems

  • Senior professionals working in the government and the public sector who have contributed to the development of BPO and outsourcing in their countries.

Who Should Get CBBL™ Certified?

The global economy in several nations has seen a massive surge in the number of BPO companies being established, and likewise, there is an unprecedented increase in the demand for senior level business executives who can lead these organizations. The CBBL™ is the most coveted international qualification for the worldwide BPO industry leadership and senior professionals wishing to capitalize on these enormous opportunities or are on the path to becoming leaders in their respective organizations. Professionals who have been seen to have derived maximum benefits from the prestigious CBBL™ qualification, over the past several years include

  • Entrepreneurs in the ICT industry, who intend to, or have established their own BPO companies

  • Individuals looking to elevate to the bigger league of international employers while currently employed in senior executive roles in smaller BPO companies or in other team-based, process oriented work environments in similar categories of organizations

  • Individuals currently working in non-BPO environments as department heads or Service Heads in functions such as customer care, MIS, Accounts Processing, Technical Support, IT maintenance, etc., now wishing to move into top management level jobs in BPO companies

  • Professionals already working as Business Heads or such designations and are currently seeking an international qualification for rapid and extensive career growth at a global scale.

BCI regularly receives a high number of applications for the CBBL™ from senior professionals across the world from well established companies in telecom, banking, insurance, retail and IT Service sectors now wishing to make a lateral headway into the BPO industry with the internationally reputed CBBL™ Certification.

CBBL™ Benefits

Global Recognition

The CBBL™ Certification is by far the most impactful and internationally recognized certification for top level management professionals in the BPO industry. This credential is considered by nations and corporations to be the industry leading standard in qualifications for senior management professionals in the sector. Large companies and governments organizations have, over years, demonstrated their willingness and confidence in being led by CBBL™ certified business leaders who are considered a part of the elite league of thought leaders and superlative performers with illustrious accomplishments in their leadership roles, besides being internationally reputed for their ethical and visionary contributions to the BPO industry.

Career Advantage

Being a CBBL™ means being a member of the BCI alumnus—the world class BPO industry talent pool- and an accomplished BPO leader with a proven track record of professional excellence. CBBL™ credentialed professionals, therefore, enjoy the unparalleled advantages of having an international industry leading qualification which propels them further and faster in their careers paths. They become globally mobile top industry professionals with far higher salaries and perks than their non-certified counterparts. Smilar to other BCI alumni, the CBBL™ qualified professionals are granted membership of the prestigious IBPA- the International BPO Professionals Association- a global networking platform of BPO and ICT professionals.

CBBL™ certified professionals have been seen to consistently outperform and deliver more and better in their jobs even in large organizations with high degrees of complexity, largely due to their wider and deeper perspective built and tested through proven exposure, experience and success in handling even the most challenging roles related to the various dimensions of large international BPO companies.

Employer Benefits

CBBL™ qualified professionals have also consistently proven to be precious and high performing assets to their employers. They lead from the front in their vision, performance, productivity and service quality, besides infusing new innovations and professional energy in their organizations, helping build the work culture and the organization at par with global standards. Most CBBL™ credential holders, qualified business heads in their own right, have proven that they can help diversify and expand organizations in profitable new areas as well.


CBBL™ Evaluation Model

CBBL™ nominee leaders are evaluated in five dimensions along twenty aspects that reflect their record and potential for industry impact and influence nationally or internationally. The information and data about nominees is gathered from public sources, and inferred and derived from the 3rd party nomination forms submitted to BCI.

Areas of Leadership Impact

1. Vision of the Future of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Industry

  • Contours of change in the objectives & paradigms of Business Process Outsourcing
  • BPO Services of the Future
  • Competitive Landscape of Global BPO Industry

2. Vision of the Future of the Business of BPOs

  • Emerging & Future Forms of Outsourcing Businesses
  • Emerging & Future Models of BPO Business Management
  • Enhancing Global Competitiveness of BPO Organizations
  • New Drivers of Business Management Excellence in BPO Organizations

3. Challenges of Managing BPO Business

  • Competitiveness challenges for BPO businesses
  • Business Continuity challenges for BPO Businesses
  • Productivity & Service Delivery Challenges for BPO Organizations
  • Quality and Business Excellence Challenges for BPO Businesses

4. Role of a BPO Business Leader

  • Roles of a BPO Business Leader
  • Skills & Competencies of a BPO Business Leader

5. Contribution to Business Excellence & Organization Growth

  • Thinking & Implementing Worldclass Business Excellence Paradigms
  • Contribution to Business Expansion
  • Contribution to Organization Branding & Reputation
  • Contribution to Industry Growth

The Digitally Badged CBBL™

The CBBL™ becomes a global credential at once also because it is digitally badged now! Which means you can easily share your BCI credential digitally and securely with your current and prospective employers and colleagues, and they can verify it ever so easily, too.

A digitally-badged CBBL™ adds that strong dash of credibility to your online professional presence. You can conveniently showcase your well-earned BPO Business Leadership credential as a high-visiblity icon on web-pages; on your LinkedIn profile; on social media platforms and in your email signatures. It's your most secure, reliable and authentic token of your promise, potential and capabilities for performing your talent management roles with excellence.

The CBBL™ digital badge is a verifiable digital token of your prestigious BCI qualification containing within it a secure digital link to the BCI cloud, where the bonafides and authenticity of your BCI credential can be validated instantly by those who you have allowed to.

Credential Case

The CBBL™ Credential Case

The moment you successfully complete CBBL™ Certification evaluation, a swanky credential case awaits you. Along with the credential comes another special spur in the form of a lapel pin, which exhibits your credential while being positioned on your top pockets. This tempting box also encompasses a delightful treasure to be savored in the form of BCI Code of Ethics booklet.

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