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We believe it is mission critical for organizations to excel in the management of their business processes in the era of interconnected business. We believe BCI standards and credentials should strengthen the hands of leaders, professionals, organizations and governments in creating and harnessing opportunities through business process excellence. We believe the success of Industry 4.0 depends on the health of business processes of organizations.

We believe the expertise of new-age BPO/ BPM and outsourcing companies will decide the success of new business models of organizations across industries and domains. And we believe the Business Process function is a goldmine of attractive white-collar jobs for graduating university students in all parts of the world.

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    We Handhold Nations Nurturing BPO, BPM & ICT…

    …and commit to invest our entire knowledge, experiences, and intellectual resources in the development, implementation, and propagation of excellence frameworks and best practices for their BPO & ICT Industry, professionals, and other stakeholders.

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    We Stand by Organizations Cheerleading Business Process Excellence…

    …and dedicate our vision, energy and foresight to the task of elevating their local BPO & ICT industries to the next quantum level of performance and competitiveness.

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    We Exist for Re-vitalizing, Re-arming, and Propeling BPM, BPO & ICT Organizations…

    …with the most relevant, performance-enhancing, and excellence-promoting human competence standards, professional qualifications framework and credentialing services as well as service delivery and talent management systems. Our raison d'être is building a talent pool of best-trained and competence-certified professionals for all BPM & ICT organizations worldwide.

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    Our Heart Beats for Business Process Professionals Across the Planet…

    …and we dedicate our energies and resources to empower them with the perspective, knowledge, skills and value-frameworks required to excel in their careers and contribute to their profession, practice, and to the BPM & ICT Industry.