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ICOS‌™ is an ideal way to begin a relationship/ partnership with BCI for a university or an institution of higher learning in Technology, Engineering or Business. This partnership extends unrivalled advantages of quick, easy access to state-of-the-art knowledge and global networks in addition to a massive boost to the brand image of the partner institution.

The ICOS‌™ program is the world’s first and the most powerful initiative ever to empower universities and higher-education institutions for training and development of worldclass BPO workforce. BCI helps the partner university offer certificate, diploma, undergraduate, masters’ and even PhD programs in outsourcing – in a strategically phased manner.

Private universities with ICOS‌™ licenses add a strong, new revenue stream to their portfolio, as BCI BPO certifications and other programs can be easily embedded in their on-going undergraduate academic programs.

Notably, as has been proven across 50+ countries where BCI certifications have helped build thousands of BPO careers, the ICOS‌™ helps a university significantly in rapidly building and enhancing employability of average young students from disciplines like Social Sciences, Arts, Commerce, Business and Computer Applications, and preparing them for the best jobs available in BPO companies, hotels, large retailers, airline companies, datacenters, accounting backoffices, private hospitals, tourism companies etc.,

The ICOS‌™ license from BCI helps universities start-off a state-of-the-art outsourcing/BPO/ICT faculty/department within 45 to 60 days – with complete systems, content, process and technical know-how from BCI. Needless to say, universities with ICOS‌™ have emerged as the most preferred BPO/ICT workforce training and development partners of their governments and the World Bank in the last five years, and the trend is growing as more and more ICOS‌™ partnerships establish across developing and underdeveloped nations – across whole of Africa and in Central and Latin Americas.

A partnering Institution gets to access the world's most powerful BPO skills standards – the HCMS21; as well as to the most robust vendor-neutral global IT certifications of the Software Qualifications Board of America (SQBA) and also to some of the world’s best-known and most prestigious certifications in BPO and IT. Also, a BCI partner university immediately adds a new knowledge discipline and hence a Faculty or Department through BCI's high-involvement assistance. This facilitates networking with local industry and also adds to the brand equity of the institution. A university with a BCI Partnership becomes an automatic choice for the government or any BPO/ICT industry stakeholder for large scale training projects or research or consulting projects. For instance, BCI Partner University – since it is one of the few such institutions in the country dedicated to BPO and platform-independent IT capacity building and is aligned to the global standards leader BCI, is the best candidate for a mandate and funds from a government or the World bank to train fresh BPO talents or develop employability of young students on a large scale. Indeed, a BCI Partner institution is also perceived to be best placed to get research projects sponsored by BPO companies as it is perceived to be having the required capabilities, knowledge and exposure.


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The ICOS‌™ program is the world’s first and the most powerful initiative ever to empower universities and higher-education institutions for training and development of worldclass BPO workforce.

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