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Enhanced Business & Brand Appeal & Client Confidence

Organizations sporting international certifications for their management systems inspire more confidence in current clients even as they become eminently more attractive for prospective internal and external customers and emerge as strong employer-brands. For service businesses, enhancing customer attractiveness can come easiest by being on the BCI BSDQ™ and ETMS™ global standards.

Value for service businesses clients today means a lot more than delivering services at contracted costs and merely meeting the SLAs. It actually means being able to see the opportunities and challenges for the clients much before the clients themselves can, and then helping them brace up well for combating the changes in the environment. The fact is that agile service businesses are best placed to provide maximum value to their clients, and the critical driver behind this ability of theirs is their Workforce. ETMS™/ BSDQ™ certified organizations show greater workforce-preparedness for being able to help clients add to or change their offerings or take other steps which are required to retain marketshare. Implementing ETMS and BSDQ™ empowers service businesses organizations with the right combination of work culture and performance management and skills-transformation mechanisms that enable the workforce adapt its service delivery speed, style and quality to emerging market requirements. Remaining responsive to constantly changing demands and expectations of clients’ customers has emerged as the most important pre-requisite for service providers and certified organizations develop an ecosystem that helps employees become fast on their feet, minds and reflexes. The ETMS and BSDQ™ guided ecosystem of the organization also makes employees respond swiftly and comfortably to any changes in client’s products or services.

Business, Brand Appeal and Client Confidence
Enhanced Business Agility

Enhanced Business Agility

Agile service businesses organizations show a greater probability of remaining ahead of the curve simply because they can anticipate change faster and earlier than most others, and they react much before threats can numb them or opportunities can slip by. The ability to adapt their service delivery speed, style and quality to emerging market requirements is most critical for service businesses organizations because of their clients’ needs to remain responsive to their customers’ changing demands and expectations. Aligning service delivery system to the BCI BSDQ™ helps a service businesses organization become more agile. BSDQ™ certified organizations are nimble-footed and not weighed down by processes scripted in concrete. That’s one of the most significant impacts brought about in service organizations that observe rigorous compliance to BSDQ™. The “cleaning” up of deadwood and the de-weeding of redundancies that happens during BSDQ™ implementation tends to sharpen the service delivery processes besides making the work-culture more “excellence conscious” and customer-focused in the long term. An organization’s processes give it the reflexes desired to pro-act or react to change, and the BSDQ™ implementation exercise helps build a “positive nervous energy” and alertness into its people and the work-environment. BSDQ™ compliance leads to having faster communication and decisioning and more pre-emptive and anticipatory monitoring of productivity performance - even in the wake of emerging and new requirements.

Sustainable People Performance & Productivity

Crests and troughs in workforce productivity make clients jittery and organizations nervous. For service businesses organizations, avoiding this erraticism amidst employee attrition poses even more severe challenges. Aligning management systems and processes to the BCI ETMS and BSDQ™ standards helps stabilize the organization with sustainably higher levels of people-performance and outputs.

The ETMS compliance journey actually serves to chip away at all the elements of the organizational ecosystem which interface with the workforce. This has the result of making the policies and systems in the organization more transparent and unbiased; communication and instructions within it clearer and more empathetic; the environment more motivating and caring; training more transformational and career prospects sharper. The caring and performance-based environment in an ETMS™ certified organization catalyzes employee performance in no uncertain terms. Better motivated; better prepared; better informed and clearer-headed employees show significantly improved levels of service productivity and quality. In fact, the very process of attaining the ETMS™ certification primes up an organization’s systems such that employees are able to perform their tasks more efficiently, comfortably and effectively, despite the strenuous demands of long hours of monotonous, process-based work; long attention spans and high client-accountability. The ETMS clearly stipulates that all department heads are responsible for managing the motivational and transformational needs of their teams and a sustained compliance to these requirements helps a ETMS™ certified organization embed productivity-enhancing policies, practices and processes across the board – all facilities, all horizontals - from smallest units to those having large teams.

Sustainable People Performance and Productivity
Work environment & Culture

Enriched Work Environment & Culture

For organizations today, competing better and growing amidst unpredictable market conditions can come only through an “excellence” habit set deep in their culture and work environment. The BSDQ™ and ETMS systems of BCI help service businesses enterprises embed excellence and quality in their DNA. Start your quest for excellence today. Apply for BSDQ™ and ETMS™ credentials.

Work culture and environment are two of the most critical drivers of productivity and employee-performance across all organizations. But for the service businesses industry, the environment and culture of work often become the all-important drivers because of the type and size of workforce and the nature of work. The process of attaining the ETMS™/ BSDQ™ prepares and primes up an organization’s systems for more efficient, comfortable and effective delivery of services that demand long hours of monotonous, process-based work demanding long attention spans and high client-accountability. The ETMS/ BSDQ™ focus on making all department heads in a certified organization responsible for managing talents helps improve the micro-environments and culture of each department. Special measures and policies for workforce engagement are defined under the rhese standards, supported by an empathetic framework of performance management. Steps like these lead not only to the improvement of overall environment and culture, but also ensure that the organizational ecosystem remains employee-caring and conducive to high-performance team-work in the long term.