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CCIP™ Program

Within flat 3 months, the CCIP™ certification gets you ready for the very best of customer interaction jobs in your country. Even if you’re just out of your college. It’s a stupendous headstart for your career. In terms of sheer knowledge, in just 3 months, CCIP™ helps you catch up to what folks already working for a year know!

CCIP™ certified professionals also earn the exclusive right to upgrade to the coveted CCIS™ and CBTS™ qualifications of BCI as they move up in their careers.

So, if you are in college or just out of it, you should choose CCIP™ to prepare yourself for jobs in starred hotels; leading retail chains; internet and mobile companies; shopping arcades; brand stores; sales & marketing companies; travel and ticketing helpdesks; collections, front-desks; reservations; BPO companies, customer contact centers; banks, insurance companies; the list is endless. And later, when you wish to change your field and profession, the CCIP™ and your experience will make it much easier to do that too.

What keeps CCIP™ the world’s most powerful customer-interaction certification ever is its suitability for virtually every business, sector, and company you may want to be in. It builds up your knowledge of the art and science of customer- and client handling comprehensively. The CCIP™ studyware helps prepare you for the most challenging of customer-interaction jobs along 21 capability-vectors across six performance drivers – aligned to the world’s most rigorous 3rd party standards, the HCMS21 Release 9.14.

Register now in this global program and get ready for a shining career right within the next 12 weeks! CCIP™ is available across 50+ countries today.


Pre-registered applicants need not apply again.

Their applications are lining up for necessary action.



$ 380 USD (All Inclusive)

This is a one-time fee for an individual applicant. The fee covers the costs of certification exam; learning kit; digital badging, credential kit, and all material shipping costs. This fee does not include special local taxes, duties, and levies etc., which may be applicable in the receiver’s/ consignee’s/ applicant’s country.

Contact us for special price quotes for bulk-certification of students of universities/ vocational colleges.

Get your First Job Soonest

That’s a fact. If you get your first job fast, you can earn and save and gather valuable experience to be able to change and get into the field you want to, even sooner.

So, there’s no point waiting for the job of your kind to come to you and being choosy. Imagine, if you get a job now right after your college, you’ll have earned hundreds of dollars in the next one year – maybe even thousands. And gained invaluable experience that your next job needs.

That’s what you should value CCIP™ for. It can land you the best of jobs in starred hotels; leading retail chains; internet and mobile companies; shopping arcades; brand stores; sales & marketing companies; travel and ticketing helpdesks; collections, front-desks; reservations; BPO companies, customer contact centers; banks, insurance companies.

And what’s more, you recover your cost of certification in flat 3 months!

first job

CCIP™ - The Latest in Customer Interaction Science

The books included in the CCIP™ studyware provided complimentary to all CCIP™ registrants cover absolutely the latest that there is in the science and practice of customer handling principles; customer relationship management, teleselling principles, customer service industry information, contact center concepts and call-center technology, in addition to aspects related to team-playing, workplace effectiveness, communication and professional etiquette.

Though practical work experience can never be replaced, the levels of knowledge and acumen assessed during the CCIP™ examinations do typically match those of customer interaction professionals who have worked at least for a year in the customer interaction function or roles. That also means CCIP™ readies you for a full-blown, permanent career in advanced fields like customer relation management and customer experience management.

CCIP™ – Highest Return on Investments

CCIP™ certified professionals recover their CCIP™ certification costs maximum within 3 months of obtaining their certification and earn at least 6 times the cost in the first year of post-CCIP™ work.

CCIP™ – Highest Return on Investments

Career Outlook

What Jobs can CCIP™ prepare you for?

  • Front Desks and Receptions of Large and Prestigious Hotels, Restaurants, Shopping Arcades

  • Customer Information Services Desks in Passport Offices, Embassies, Airport Lounges, Airport Check-in Counters, Hospitals, etc.

  • Customer Support Departments of Consumer Durables, Technology Companies, Telecom Companies, etc.

  • Customer Helpdesk Departments in Banks , Mobile Operators and other organizations

  • Telesales Companies

  • Loan Recoveries and Collection Centers

  • Customer Handling in travel and ticketing companies, shopping malls, hyper-stores, etc.

CCIP Graph Registrant Jobs
CCIP Graph Registrant Jobs

Who Should Get CCIP™ Certified?

CCIP™ is a must-have qualification for anybody who intends to make a well-paying career in customer service, customer interaction or telesales. The following have been benefitting the most over the last several years from the CCIP™ qualification:

  • Senior School/High School pass-outs with a flair for interaction and who want to work for 5-star hotels, airlines, marketing companies etc.

  • Undergraduate degree holders (bachelors’ level) wanting to make a career in marketing and customer care.

  • Undergraduate/ Bachelor’s students in universities and colleges who can work in customer interaction for a few years and later opt for a career in marketing.

  • Customer officers/sales representatives working for small companies and who want to move to bigger employers.

  • Sales professionals working for small direct-marketing companies, who now want to settle down in a contact center or a bigger marketing company.

  • Professionals already working on the front desks of small companies or banks or government offices and who want an international qualification for faster career growth.

CCIP™ Benefits

Global Recognition

In the past decade alone, CCIP™ has changed lives of more than 200,000 career-starters across 50+ countries and has emerged as the most preferred international qualification for customer interaction professionals. The CCIP™ qualification puts an individual in the elite international league of world class professionals working for leading organizations including customer service departments of banks, hotels, hospitals and telecom, travel and airline organizations, BPO companies, contact centers and telemarketing companies worldwide.

Career Advantage

Being a CCIP™ means being an elite BCI alumnus – and a part of the illustrious BCI worldwide talent pool. CCIP™ qualified professionals, therefore start out as global professionals and enjoy head start advantages in their careers because of their vastly superior preparation for the customer interaction job and career. A CCIP™ manages to hit the ground running thanks to the most structured learning on world’s most rigorous, industry-agnostic knowledge standards in the customer interaction space. This helps get the first great job faster; and also the first raise and promotion!

Employer Benefits

CCIP™ qualified professionals prove precious assets for their employers not only because they tend to raise the bar for performance, productivity and service quality, but also because, they impact the work-culture and environment positively. Most typically, CCIP™ qualified individuals deploy immediately as they are already prepared and just need to be immersed in the client programs. They don’t gestate for long and begin turning in the expected work-performance much quicker than other new recruits – again, because they are ready with the skills; with the principles of work and of course, they know their roles and KRAs, very well.

Become A CCIP™ Certificant

Achieving a successful CCIP™ credential is a simple, six-step process:

  • Check Eligibility Requirements

    All BCI certifications mandate you to meet certain educational and work experience requirements to become eligible. The requirements for each BCI certification is unique, so before proceeding, check if you satisfy the minimum eligibility requirements for the CCIP™ certification, you wish to apply for. It is recommended that you keep this information handy as it will be required while filling up your online application.

  • Fill Online Application

    Once you have satisfied the CCIP™ eligibility requirements, it is time to apply. Start the application process by creating your myBCI account.

  • Validation

    An internal check is conducted to validate your credentials against the prescribed candidacy prerequisites for earning the CCIP™ Certification.

  • CCIP™ Certification Preparation Material

    Post your payment confirmation, you will receive your unit of the CCIP™ Certification Preparation Kit containing reading and learning material at the address you have registered with us. Normal delivery timeframe is 3-4 weeks.

  • Taking the CCIP™ Certification Exam

    BCI earmarks a 90-day immersion period for CCIP™ registrants to help them orient completely and build their conceptual foundations. You can schedule your CCIP™ exam anytime after the 90-days immersion period is over. In fact, you also get an additional 180-days to plan for and take your CCIP™ exam.

  • Award

    If you qualify the CCIP™ certification exam and meet other conditions laid down by the BCI Professional Certifications Board (BPCB), you are recommended for the award of CCIP™ Credential and the CCIP™ Digital Badge is immediately issued to you. You can expect the shipment of the physical credential pack to reach you within three to four weeks from the date of the credential- award.

CCIP™ Candidacy Requirements

Candidacy requirements define the parameters on the basis of which an applicant shall be evaluated fit for applying for a particular BCI certification.

Educational Requirements

An applicant for CCIP™ should have at least completed 14 years of formal education at the time of applying. Typically, most CCIP™ applicants have completed their A-Level/O-Level/Higher Secondary/12th grade.

However, applicants with an undergraduate degree or those who are just graduating out of the university have often proven to be better prepared for harnessing their CCIP™ qualification - than their younger counterparts; especially in some Asian and African countries.

Professional/ Work Requirements

There is no requirement of prior work-experience to be able to apply for CCIP™. Even individuals just out of their schools and colleges with ZERO work experience can apply for CCIP™.

However, many of those with some work exposure behind them have been seen making a comparatively better use of the CCIP™ qualification for their careers.


Ideally an applicant should have completed 18 years of age at the time of applying for CCIP™. There is no upper age bar, however, for any BCI certification program.


CCIP™ Exam

The CCIP™ certification exam can be typically taken after three months of registration, and not later than 1 year from the date of registration.

The BPO Professional Certifications Board (BPCB) mandates that individuals desirous of acquiring a BCI certifications require to qualify computer–based exams based on the BCI standards framework. All BCI Exams are computer–based tests timed between 120 - 150 minutes. Applicants registered in BCI certification program enjoy the convenience of scheduling and taking their certification exams online. Partner companies, organizations and universities establish their own BCI-approved exam centers connected to the BCI online examination system Credent. In many global locations, certification testing leader ExamStrong™ manages BCI exams offering registrants the facility to take their BCI exams even at home or in office.

CCIP™ Assessment Snapshots

Based on the updated Knowledge & Competence Pre-requisites under HCMS21 Release 9.14.

Examination Code: CDO-001
Duration: 90 minutes
Mode: Online
No. of Questions: 75
Type of Questions: Objective
Passing Marks: 70%
Fee: 380USD
Validity: 1 Year
Renewal: Available
Upgrade: Available

Training & Preparation Completion Requirements

Training and Preparations

CCIP™ registrants prepare for their pre-certification examinations and assessments by training with authorized BCI training providers. The BCI network of training providers and experienced training organizations, universities and learning centers extends worldwide delivering CCIP™ preparation-training aligned to the international HCMS21 standards of BCI. In addition, governments in various nations also conduct special CCIP™ programs under their BPO workforce development schemes in government vocational training centers. CCIP™ registrants are linked to authorized BCI training provider nearest to them in their geography. Registrants, who are students of a BCI partner university, get automatically registered in their university’s ICOS™ (International Center for Outsourcing Studies). All CCIP™ registrants get complete assistance in learning through the Official Learning Material provided by the authorized BCI training-provider partners.

Preparation Completion Credits

To become eligible for taking the CCIP™ certification examinations, a registrant has to collect a required minimum number of Preparation Completion Credits (PCCs) after attending formal training sessions for a certain required number of hours with any of the BCI authorized training providers. The PCC accumulation exercise for these registrants is handled by authorized BCI training-providers under whom the registrants train. The PCC records of registrants are posted by the training center officials on the registrants’ management portal well before the date of the CCIP™ certification examination.

BCI-appointed Authorized Training Providers, International Center of Outsourcing & Software Studies and ICT Learning Centers functioning in universities and institutions are mandated to assign PCC to CCIP™ registrants. Individuals registered in CCIP™ programs being run by governments under special projects or schemes will, however have to follow the training guidelines specified by the government.

CCIP™ Critical Areas of Professional Knowledge & Competence

Areas of Knowledge & Competence Pre-requisites for Customer Interaction Professionals at the entry level as prescribed under HCMS21, Release 9.14, 2019.

Code Assessment Component
A1 CCIP™ Domain Knowledge
1. Nature & Typology of BPO Services

Concept and advantages of Business Process Outsourcing.

Categories and Types of BPO Organizations and BPO services.

2. BPO Operations & Work Environment

Organization & Workplace Structures in BPO Organizations.

Equipment & Technologies generally deployed in BPO Organizations.

Common Modes and Media of Service Delivery in BPO Organizations.

3. Personal Effectiveness Principles & Techniques

Challenges & Demands of BPO Work Environment

Creating & Managing Personal Brand-Equity in Workplace

Managing Personal Time

Managing Stress

Managing Professional Growth

4. Role-profile of a Typical Customer Interaction Professional

Typical roles of a Customer Interaction Professional

Typical Key Result Areas (KRAs) of a Customer Interaction Professional

Skills & Competencies of a Customer Interaction Professional

5. Principles & Techniques of Customer Service & Support

Principles & Objectives of Customer Relationship Management

Techniques in Initiation of Customer Interaction

Techniques of Handling Customers

6. Principles & Techniques of Remote- & Tele- Sales

Basic Principles of Selling/ Sales

Principles & Techniques of Remote-selling

CCIP™ Assessment Structure & Plan

As prescribed under HCMS21 Release 9.14, 2019.

Components of CCIP™ Assessment Policy for first-time BCI Registrants
Assessment Category Final Assessment Component Maximum Marks
A1 CCIP™ Domain Knowledge Assessment 300
Important Note:
  1. The CCIP™ Online examination seeks to evaluate an examinee’s knowledge about the Customer Interaction domain.

  2. To complete their eligibility for CCIP™ Award consideration by BCI, all CCIP™ registrants have to take all required tests and assessments.

CCIP™ Domain Knowledge Examination Weights
Areas of Professional Knowledge to be Assessed Proportional Weightage in Exam (in %)
Concept, Nature & Typology of BPO Services 10
BPO Operations & Work Environment 10
Personal Effectiveness Principles & Techniques 10
Role-profile of a Typical Customer Interaction Professional 10
Principles & Techniques of Customer Service & Support 30
Principles & Techniques of Remote- & Tele- Sales 30

CCIP™ Certification Validity

The validity of the global CCIP™ Certification extends to three years from the date of being conferred. All CCIP™ designation holders are strongly advised to upgrade their credential to the industry leading next level certification (CCIS™) after the completion of one year of acquiring the CCIP™.

The global BPO industry is continuously in a state of constant evolution. Therefore, knowledge and aptitude requirements of a professional in a Customer Interfacing job role change along with it. BCI credential standards are always at the forefront of new trends, practices and systems of knowledge and therefore keep changing accordingly. Therefore, upgrading your professional credential to the CCIS™ ensures that your status as a global, top notch professional is actively sought out by companies.

It is important to remember that it is mandatory to upgrade to the next level (CCIS™) once the validity of the CCIP™ credential expires (Review your CCIP™ Credential documents for information on the period of validity of your certification).

Enroll for CCIP™ Program

The Digitally Badged CCIP™

The CCIP™ Credential is an epitome for on-the-move Customer Service Professionals seeking to improve their performance, and is digitally badged by CredBadge™. The digital imprints of CCIP™ Certification on your resume let you be on top of the global employers’ much loved prognoses. The badge honors the know-how of young graduating university and tech–school students around the world, priming themselves for thrilling Customer Interaction based professions.

A digitally-badged CCIP™ adds that strong dash of credibility to your online professional presence. You can conveniently showcase your well-earned CCIP™ credential as a high-visibility icon on web-pages; on your LinkedIn profile; on social media platforms and in your email signatures. It's your most secure, reliable and authentic token of your promise, potential and capabilities for performing your customer service roles with excellence.

Digitally Badge
Credential Case

The CCIP™ Credential Case

The moment you register yourself for CCIP™ Certification exam, a swanky credential case awaits you. This astonishing box enclosing the CCIP™ Credential is an added incentive for the endowed to work a jiff better to qualify the exam. Along with the credential comes another special spur in the form of a lapel pin, which exhibits your credential while being positioned on your top pockets. This tempting box also encompasses a delightful treasure to be savored in the form of BCI Code of Ethics booklet.

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