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BPO Service Delivery Quality

BSDQ™ Variant

  • BSDQ-09

    BSDQ-09™ is a leading service delivery credentialing...

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  • BSDQ-09-IS

    The smaller clique of business processing segments...

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  • BSDQ-14

    Mid-sized BPO service enterprises with comparatively...

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  • BSDQ-22

    BSDQ-22™ is the superlative Service Delivery Quality…

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BPO Enterprise Needs are Different

A strongly held belief is that enterprise management developments, in the IT and software Industry have directly impacted the effectuation of this segment in the BPO Industry.

Verticals such as competitive requirements, people resources, business processes, business strategy, service delivery, and delivery systems, all require guidelines of their own when viewed in context of different industries. Of all the industries, when curated in one pot, BPO-industry would be the one to distinguish itself most comprehensively from the rest. Given such an identifiable difference, it needs to have its own paradigm for managing business excellence.

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