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BCI Institutional Partner Program

A BCI partnership enables academic institutions and universities rapidly make their students highly employable in high-demand business process areas like technical support, finance & accounting, back-office support, documentation, customer service and customer interaction. BCI-certified university graduates are immediately employable in accounting services firms, starred hotels, banks, telecom, customer-service companies, shared services companies, broadband services companies, organized retailers as well as BPO/ BPM services providers.

BCI Partnering Options for Institutions

BCI Institutional Accreditation

Institutions with outstanding reputation can apply for a comprehensive BCI accreditation to host a BCI-licensed Center of Outsourcing & Business Process Excellence (BCI-ICOS™). BCI powers BCI-ICOS™ facilities for offering worldclass BCI certifications as well as undergrad, graduate, research and corporate training programs in outsourcing and related areas.

This is the most advanced form of BCI institutional partnership and is usually considered for universities and higher-learning or prestigious vocational training organizations with an illustrious history of achievements and impact and boasting of quality physical and intellectual infrastructure. Notably, the older BCI ICOSS program has now been replaced by BCI Institutional accreditation and BCI-ICOS™. Write to us now at, if you want to establish a center of excellence in outsourcing.

BCI Program Accreditation

Vocational training institutions and universities offering prestigious programs in business, accounting, information technology, sales and customer service can conveniently embed BCI global credentials in their regular academic curricula by getting their education programs BCI accredited.

A BCI accreditation will help your education program obtain global visibility and improve your institution’s global outreach as well, besides equipping students with a valuable BCI credential. After obtaining the BCI Program Accreditation, institutions get access to a wealth of BCI resources and assistance for integrating latest business process content in the curricula of the programs accredited.

Institutions with BCI-accredited programs can later apply for BCI’s institutional accreditation and establish a BCI-ICOS™. BCI powers BCI-ICOS™ facilities for offering worldclass BCI certifications as well as undergrad, graduate and research programs in outsourcing and related areas. Write to us now at, if you want to get your education programs accredited by BCI.

Benefits of BCI Accreditation for an Institution

The new partnership program of BCI retains the phenomenal golden old values but has become reasonably fast in completing appointments and activating business of new partners.

Access to best-known International standards in Outsourcing & Business Process Excellence

BCI accredited institutions obtain access to the world’s most widely respected outsourcing and business process knowledge standards – the BCI HCMS21-Release 9.14. Which means their students study the world’s best in technical support, finance & accounting support, back-office support, and customer service, and hence become the most attractive potential hires for leading customer-service companies, accounting services firms, starred hotels, banks, telecom and broadband services companies, organized retailers as well as BPO/ BPM services providers.

Access to Finest Global knowhow in Outsourcing & Business Process Training

BCI accreditation opens up for institutions the access to valuable learning and instruction content, systems and architecture aligned to the world’s foremost BCI HCMS21 standards, Release 9.14. In addition, institutions also get BCI assistance in designing and delivering high-end training and education programs for industry and government stakeholders. Institutions offering BCI accredited programs have a major advantage of being a preferred training partner in government and World Bank funded projects.

Addition of a New Department/ Discipline

BCI accreditation is possibly the easiest and the most convenient way for a university to add a new industry-centered training department. BCI support and assistance ensures that the new department gets access to all teaching-learning resources and guidance on infrastructure and trainers etc., enabling them start of activities faster.

Research & Revenues

The BCI Partnership makes the partner university an automatic choice for the government or BPO/ICT industry stakeholders for large-scale workforce development or consulting projects. A BCI partner university, for instance, being one of only a few aligned to international HCMS21 standards, is usually considered the most capable for research sponsored by BPO Companies.

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BCI Assistance & Support for Institutions

The BCI special Helpdesk works in accordance with BCI Partner Assistance Program to provide assistance to institutions:

  • Providing specs etc., related to training infrastructure
  • Training kit for learners and instructors
  • Complete Branding, marketing, promotion, advocacy support
  • Complete support in assessments & examinations conduct
  • Complete support in trainer development
  • Guidance in managing training deliveries

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