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Some of our most interesting recent global initiatives are unfolding in Asia, Africa and Latin America, where BCI and its partners are working with governments, BPO industry bodies, technology parks and large BPO-provider companies on large-scale talent-breeding and BPO industry-growth projects. Among these, the initiatives in countries like Kenya, Ghana, Uganda, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Columbia and India in the last three years have emerged as truly pathbreaking as BCI and its partners are helping these nations in the development of talent-breeding ecosystem and the strengthening of industry competitiveness.

BCI Global training partner network includes universities that have established BCI-licensed International Centers for Outsourcing Studies in their campuses and training companies who operate as Platinum, Gold and Silver partners in their respective geographies. In addition, BPO organizations establish BCI-aligned Talent Development Centers (corporate academies) for streamlining their internal workforce and manager development activities. In 2017, BCI launched its Certification System Distribution (CSD) program to develop a network of specialist organizations that stock BCI vouchers and certification kits and supply them to BCI training partners.

The rapidly growing BCI network is driven by our vision that the future of BPO lies outside the developed West and there is a need to serve the BPO-provider industry in the Third World and the promising South American and West Asian markets. A bulk of BCI focus is directed at the BPO industries of developing countries, which are gradually but surely burgeoning thanks to their low-cost but skilled and educated manpower and the exponentially lowing cost of ICT.

We continue our spread planet-wide, impacting BPO businesses, operations and careers in more than 50 countries outside United States of America. We touch the lives of thousands of professionals and hundreds of BPO organizations reach out to more than 400 cities in not only the traditional BPO strongholds of India and Philippines, but also sweep across emerging BPO destinations such as Egypt, Kenya, Vietnam, Malaysia, Trinidad & Tobago, Tanzania, Nigeria, Mauritius, Thailand, Singapore, and China, among others.

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