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Boarding your company on the world’s most sophisticated service delivery standards and obtaining the BSDQ™ credential is affordable, non-disruptive, speedy and convenient. The process is dominantly digital and online, with minimal physical interfaces. The compliance proofs and documents are digitally uploaded and verified precluding physical visits to client facilities. All meetings and interviews etc., are conducted online. This saves on costs and avoids disruptions in work and productivity that occurs during physical, offline audits.

BSDQ™ Certification Process

All BSDQ™ pre-certification activities in a country or a geographical zone are handled by BCI's Service Standards Audit Group (SSAG) or Authorized BSDQ™ Implementation and Audit Partner (BIAP) in that area. The basic steps are:

Step 1

Organization-wide baseline study - BSDQ™ Status Audit (BSA) to compile the current state of practices, systems, and processes etc. in accordance to BSDQ™ Guidelines.

Step 2

Gap analysis by BAP and Gap Report submission to the client for improvement action and implementation (including the BSDQ™ Gap Modulus – the measure of deviation from BSDQ™).

Step 3

Systems restructuring etc. to bring them in line with BSDQ™ requirements.

Step 4

BSDQ™ Final Audit for Compliance Check and Certification Decision.

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The BCI PRIDEScan™ System

The governing laws guiding the working of PRIDE highlight the importance of depth and nature of a company’s compliance to the BCI-SDM™ Standards. Keeping PRIDE as the gravitational center, the Service Delivery Quality drivers are influenced majorly by the FIVE PRIDE parameters, as depicted in the graph below.

The BCI PRIDEScan™ System

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