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BCI certifications are not just the world’s most preferred globally in the shared services and business process management industry. They have proven invaluable in starting and growing careers in a host of other industries as well including hospitality, ticketing, retailing, insurance, telecom among others.

Available across 50+ countries, BCI entry-level certifications are the most powerful international qualifications for young career-starters, fresh graduates, school leavers and working professionals who desire to switch to or start backoffice, front-office, technical support, customer interaction and accounting process jobs in banks, hotels, telecom companies, retail stores, entertainment and business process management and outsourcing firms.

The BCI certifications cover the most important and popular career areas like Backoffice Services, Accounting Services, Technical Support and Customer Interaction, and expand employability options for graduating students, school leavers and even individuals who desire to move into the BPO or BPO-like industries. Successful completion of these programs leads to the award of the CFPA™, CBSA™, CTSA™, or the CCIP™ credentials and a permission to use them as designations. CFPA™, CBSA™, CTSA™, or the CCIP™ certified professionals have proven knowledge and competence to function in multiple roles and job-contexts and environments in their respective domains.




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The Power of BCI Entry-Level Credentials

While a majority of the BCI applicants over the past several years managed to build their careers in customer-interaction, the past few years have seen accounting and finance increasingly becoming popular with career starters.

Technical-support has remained a steady third choice from 2015 through 2018, while an average of 18% of entry-level applicants started promising backoffice careers.

Global choices for the BCI entery-level BPO certifications

For Starters Track

Certifications in this Track

Certified F&A Process Associate (CFPA™)


CFPA™ credentialed professionals have proven expertise and skills in leading their peers in multiple roles including handling of customer accounts, reconciliation, order management, vendor...

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Certified Backoffice Services Associate (CBSA™)


The industry acknowledged CBSA™ certified professionals come with the edge of having demonstrated skills and expertise to function in multiple roles including data...

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Certified Technical Support Associate (CTSA™)


With the most advanced and thorough curriculum in technical support in the world by a huge margin, the CTSA™ credential is considered by industry leaders as the hallmark of...

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Certified Customer Interaction Professional (CCIP™)


CCIP™ Certification is the global industry benchmark certification for professionals looking to prove their employability in customer service, telesales, helpdesks, collections, front-desksand...

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Who Should Opt for BCI Associates/ Entry-Level certifications

Who Should Opt for BCI Associates/ Entry-Level certifications?

The CFPA™/CBSA™/CTSA™/CCIP™ have emerged as must-have qualifications globally for individuals who intend to start their professional careers in Customer Service, Telesales, Data Processing, Accounting, IT support and related areas. The following have been benefitting the most over the last several years from BCI entry-level BPO qualifications:

  • Undergraduate degree/ diploma holders (bachelors’ level) still looking for a job

  • Graduating students in universities and colleges preparing to start their careers

  • Professionals working in Customer Service, Telesales, Data Processing, Accounting, IT support for small companies and who now desire to earn an international qualification in their professional area and upgrade to bigger employers

  • Students of vocational programs in computer operations, networking, IT services, hardware repairing, desktop publishing, customer service, secretarial assistance, sales etc.

  • Senior School/ High school pass-outs with a flair for communication, computers and technology

Certification Benefits

  • 01

    World’s Finest Credentials in Operational, Business and Office Support

    The CFPA™/CBSA™/CTSA™/CCIP™ credentials conform to the world’s most rigorous and advanced skills and knowledge standards for business, customer and office support roles and functions. They prepare for a wide spectrum of career choices cutting across industries and locations.

  • 02

    Multiply Your Employability & Career Opportunities

    CFPA™/CBSA™/CTSA™/CCIP™ credentials are among the most powerful and popular top-up qualifications for university students looking to start well-paying white-collar careers. Their university degree/ diploma combines well with a BCI credential to present them as the most promising candidates for the best of entry-level jobs in BPO companies , Client/Customer Support Firms functions, helpdesk providers and IT departments of manufacturing companies, large IT/Technology and Telecom Companies, banks, hotels, hospitals and telecom companies.

  • 03

    Earn the Unbeatable Career Edge

    CFPA™/CBSA™/CTSA™/CCIP™ certifications are elite, industry-leading qualifications by BCI that open up an exciting arrays of career options for university graduates, school-leavers and young professionals in banks, retail stores, starred hotels, direct marketing companies, telecom operators, IT support and outsourcing/ BPM among others.

  • 04

    Powerful and Invaluable for Employers

    CFPA™/CBSA™/CTSA™/CCIP™ certified professionals ensure potential for highest-possible productivity and service quality for their employers. Besides these, BCI certified professionals also inspire co-workers on performance, productivity approach and culture. Most BCI certified career-starters usually get hired right away after completion of their certification, as they can hit the ground running. They vastly reduce the deployment-productivity cycle times, ready as they are with a thorough knowledge of their roles and KRAs.

The First Sure Step to a Great Career!

The BCI entry-level certifications address the employability needs of career-starters and young professionals by preparing them for global jobs in the most popular and important domains and professions like customer interaction, backoffice, accounting services and technical support. The CFPA™, CBSA™, CTSA™ and CCIP™ certified professionals have demonstrated capabilities and expertise to function in multiple job roles, employment contexts and employment environments in their respective domains.