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BCI Advocacy partners earn out of promoting BCI’s unbeatable and the world’s foremost standards and certifications for service businesses and business services organizations. BCI research and business teams invest sizeable time in studying global trends on the dynamics of practices and problems in service businesses and process-based business functions.

We develop concepts, principles, and ideas that may help the global industry battle these problems successfully deploying a combination of standards and certifications based on innovative management thinking and emerging technologies. BCI Advocacy Partners are expected to help diffuse these concepts and those underlying the BCI standards and certifications across the world among key stakeholder segments. BCI’s ongoing advocacy initiatives touch governments, financial & non-financial service businesses, BPO Industry associations and indeed, client companies who outsource to external outfits.

Opportunities for BCI Advocacy Partners

The key result area of BCI Advocacy partners is to build and manage a powerful referral program for BCI certifications for professionals and companies in their zones and geographies. These include BCI’s workforce certifications for agents, team leaders, managers, trainers and also for young IT software engineers. Referral and Advocacy efforts of BCI partners can earn them lucrative returns also by promoting the BSDQ™ series of certifications in their respective countries by explaining the business importance of these certifications to the local industry players.

BCI Advocacy demands an organized, continuous and purposive interface with a wide variety of industry, government and non-government stakeholders. BCI’s undisputed leadership in the business services credentialing space lends BCI partners a headstart advantage and provides them an opportunity to expand BCI’s impact and influence further on national and local governments, service businesses, BPO service provider companies, and other industry-support organizations.

The Global BCI Partner Program offers attractive set of opportunities for organizations and freelance professionals having expertise, experience, and interest in concept advocacy to become BCI Advocacy Partners. Organizations and professional groups having expertise in promoting and advocating causes of social, industrial and economic importance and experience of representing companies and organization’s interests in these areas are strongly encouraged to apply. BCI has a set of attractive financial considerations and incentives for all Advocacy Partners and their efforts and contributions to the industry and to BCI’s own performance as a standards body are duly rewarded.

To know more about how to join this exciting global phenomenon, please write to us at

BCI Advocacy Partnership Program Benefits

The new BCI Advocacy Partnership Program has been designed to achieve the following objectives:

Association with a Worldwide Brand

BCI’s global leadership status in outsourcing helps a BCI Advocacy partner operate with much greater credibility in its existing market, thus enhancing the possibilities of attracting bigger clients.

Expanded Business

A BCI Advocacy Partner is BCI’s bridge to service businesses, ICT boards, Ministries, Education departments and large BPO/ICT companies – who are keen to associate with BCI or to get a solution from BCI. As an authorized BCI representative, a BCI Advocacy Partner is ideally placed for expanding its business base through these powerful relationships.

Expanded Impact- Potential

Advocating for BCI actually means interacting with the who’s who in the business services and outsourcing industry as well as across the entire spectrum of service businesses, and making a ground-level impact. A BCI Advocacy Partner typically networks with the powers that be and the movers and shakers of the local industry and that has a significant influence on the partner’s capability to contribute seminally in areas of larger national interest.

Revenues Without Investments

A BCI Advocacy license means opening up a new source of clean revenues with virtually no investments. BCI compensates its Advocacy partners handsomely for all the contracts and business that BCI or other BCI partners obtain through the efforts of the Advocacy Partner.

To know more about the compensation policy for Advocacy partners, please write to us at, mentioning clearly your areas of expertise and where can you contribute.

BCI Assistance & Support for Advocacy Partners

BCI Advocacy Partners get worldclass assistance from the BCI Partner HelpDesk. Within the first week of the finalization of an appointment, BCI installs a special BCI HelpDesk dedicated for the partner.

More specifically, under the BCI Partner Assistance Program, the BCI HelpDesk team works in tandem with carefully selected other associates and partners to provide expert services to the Advocacy Partners.

The following dimensions receive particular attention:

  • Complete training on BCI products/services/standards/offerings.
  • Complete statutory and legal support for authorized BCI representation required for advocacy.
  • Complete support in Advocacy material and proposaling.
  • Supply of all content, knowledge and templates etc.
  • Complete cover support on BCI websites and portals.
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BCI Certification System Distribution Program Benefits

A CSD partner of BCI pre-buys, stocks and distributes BCI certification system kits to customers and clients in its geography. The CSD partnering program is open for all forms and types of entrepreneurs and businesses, who intend to deal with BPO and BCI but yet do not want to involve in BPO training or audits.

Opportunity to Deal with the World’s Leading BPO Credentialing Brand; Adding More Value to the CSD partner’s Current Business Portfolio

BCI’s global renown in credentialing and its premium certification products help a CSD partner add to the profile of the partner’s business and portfolio, making them attractive for many other prospective partners.

High Growth; High Margin; Low Risk Product Category

BCI certification products are market leading worldwide with little competition, giving CSD partners that critical edge in business – of dealing in high-margin, fast rolling products that are in a high-growth BPO category.

International Market Opportnities

BCI CSD partners practically have the entire global markets to play in. They are connected to other CSD partners; BCI associates and training provider partners across the world – in addition to government and organizational clients – and this makes their stocks roll even faster. CSD partnership is a great way to commence global business without the bothers of operations, service delivery and a large workforce.

Ideal Preparation for Entry into Training

For those organizations or entrepreneurs, who desire to get into BPO training but only gradually and after they have felt around the business and market, the CSD partnership is a great mechanism. It not only helps a partner develop strong connects with client organizations and institutions; but also provides for a lower-risk, arms-length method to test and feel the BPO training business.

Information for CSD Partnering Applicants

The following may be specially noted about the inaugural CSD Partnering Program:

  1. 1

    The BCI Certification Systems Distribution (CSD) Program provides for permitting selected organizations stock BCI Certification Systems for a country, zone, or even globally.

  2. 2

    The CSD Program includes distribution of ONLY CSUs of entry-level certifications of BCI – i.e. CFPA™; CBSA™; CTSA™; CCIP™.

  3. 3

    The term Certification System Unit (CSU) implies a package of Training Kit and Examination Voucher for a particular certification valid for ONE individual.

  4. 4

    A Certification Systems Distributor purchases CSUs from BCI at the CSD price and holds stocks for supplies to various types of BCI customers across the world. The CSU stocks of the CSD are the property of the CSD though the physical stocks may be kept in BCI warehouses bonded for the CSD.

  5. 5

    In all countries/ zones etc., where there is a presence of an authorized BCI CSD, all CSU stocks shall be supplied ONLY by the local CSD and NOT directly by BCI or any of its other types of business partners.

  6. 6

    There are four CSD Partner categories – the Diamond; Platinum; Gold and Silver – decided on the amount of investments being made by the partner.

  7. 7

    In the CSD program, the minimum stocking requirements are of 250, 500, 750 and 1000 CSUs for the Diamond; Platinum; Gold and Silver partner categories respectively.For more details, please write to

  8. 8

    A BCI customer/ training partner may directly order stocks to the CSD or this order may be routed to the CSD through BCI. The payments shall be directly received by the CSD and BCI shall have no role to play in these transactions unless requested by the CSD.

  9. 9

    Till further notice from BCI, the responsibility for warehousing and shipping training kits included in CSUs shall be of BCI or its other associates and NOT of the CSD, and all such transactions shall be made on behalf of the CSD.

  10. 10

    All tax related issues have to be sorted out mutually between the CSD and BCI in accordance to the laws of respective countries.

For clarifications or more details, please write to

BCI Assistance & Support for Certification System Distribution Partners

Within the first week of the finalization of a CSD Partner appointment, BCI installs a special BCI HelpDesk for the partner. More specifically, under the BCI Partner Assistance Program, the BCI HelpDesk team works in tandem with carefully selected other associates and partners to provide expert services to the partners.

The following dimensions receive particular attention:

  • Branding & Marketing Support.
  • Complete support in the management of stocks of Certification System Units (CSUs).
  • Complete support in network development.

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