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To shed a descriptive light on the functioning of an ideal BSDQ-09™ Implementation/Certification, continue reading below:

  • Step1

    It starts with a RFI-based organization study by BAP to draft the Audit Activities Program (AAP).

  • Step2

    The second step follows the BSDQ-09™ Launch Seminar which includes BAP Team Leaders and the top brass of the client company to exchange views regarding the Audit Activities Program and the potential for logistics in various activities.

  • Step3

    The BSDQ-09™ Certification Preparation Document (BPCD) is concluded. This will act as the Principle Guideline for the customers’ BSDQ-09™ Project Team (BPT).

  • Step4

    This includes studying the Enterprise, as part of the BSDQ-09™ Status Audit (BSA) to compose the practices in use currently and evaluating whether the same is compliant with TMMS or not.

  • Step5

    GAP Analysis is carried out by BAP & the findings of the research are thereon submitted to the clientele for introspection with respect to the implementation (this comprises of BSDQ-09™ Gap Modulus – i.e. the measure of deviation from BCI-SDM™ Standards)

  • Step6


    BAP takes control with its intervention during the course of system re-structuring in order to make sure that the BCI-SDM™ Standards guidelines are being implemented to the word.

  • Step7

    Client then gets to the task of implementing improvement in the company processes, adhering to the Gap Report previously postulated in step 5.

  • Step8

    BIAP undertakes a full-fledged pre-certification systems check, so it can measure the degree to which the company is compliant to the TMMS.

  • Step9

    Once the survey is complete, the results are assessed and the decision, whether to award the BSDQ-09™ or otherwise, is reached.

  • Step10

    The final judgement is communicated either through an award or if required, the organization is advised to improve further.

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