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The BPO Talent Management Quality certification is one of the flagship BCI credentials for progressive enterprises looking to dominate the BPO space in the new world economy. Award of this prestigious certification is restricted only to companies displaying compliance to the BCI TMMS Standards Release 2.0, covering ten distinct metrics.

As the audit process continues, BTMQ™ auditors identify the level to which the “excellence drivers” within a “Parameter” are incorporated in its practices; moving ahead, it is made sure that the “drivers” are re-purposed so that they can remain relevant with respect to the market; it ensures impact in relation to the value that is promised to the clients. One of the topmost priorities of the auditors is also to analyze whether such practice have been effectively diffused across all vertical & horizontal channels. Eventually, it is determined whether enterprise is capable of evolving its processes to be at par with the forces of the market.

The parent model of BTMQ™ has been modified to produce two more alterations. First being BTMQ-07™ and the second namely BTMQ-10™. These are apt for BPOs of all sizes, that are operating through assorted service specializations. The BTMQ-07™ even has a variant, whose design in centered around Impact Sourcing companies that utilize a specialized workforce along with service delivery processes.

In order to share your experiences of implementing quality standards & your approach towards rectifying errors, please write to us at If found suitable, the entry, maybe published on one of BCi’s newsletters. If found suitable, the story might even win a BCI professional certification Voucher. And, if the presentation and the entire story were found to be overwhelming, then your organization might even win a privilege voucher for BTMQ™ Certification.

To share your own experiences of implementing quality standards in your business processes and how have you confronted the challenges of change in your organization, please write to us at or to know more.
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BTMQ™ Family

The versatile architecture of the BTMQ™ has been designed keeping in mind the wide array of services that a particular BPO may be offering. This includes Contact Centers (Captive, Third Party, Outbound, Inbound); Knowledge Process Service Units; HR Process Service Units; Research Process Service Units; Help Desks & Technical Support Services units; Transaction Process Service Units; Financial Process Service Units & Medical Transcription Service Units etc.

BTMQ™ Family/Series has two further variants:

BTMQ-07™: perfect fit for smaller-sized BPO outfits possessing expertise in regards to a few high-value service horizontals for a pre-defined (limited) set of clientele.

BTMQ-10™: ideal for mid-sized & large companies utilizing complex service-market configurations & those that are operating on a larger, multi-facility scale.

BCI’s Talent Management Standards (TMMS Release 2.0 in the present day) form the bedrock for the BTMQ™ Certifications. This series framework is the foremost as well as the most detailed sets of processes & practices particularly brought out and tested for taking control of the Human Resources in a BPO enterprise. in what is one of a kind, existent model, the BTMQ™ series delivers results when it comes to imparting excellence to the management of talent in the BPO organizations.

BTMQ™ has the authority to boast such claims owing to BCI’s PRIDE™ approach that enables perfections across all the spheres of the company. 10 paramount strategic, process and environment dimensions & advocates benchmarks in excess of 150 parameters that have a direct bearing on metrics, practices & products of Talent management effectiveness in a conventional Business Process Outsourcing Company.

Be it the BTMQ-07™ or the BTMQ-10™ credential, both are a league apart from anything other specialization, for BPO verticals, in the market. Apart from the benefits mentioned above, they help in establishing greater trust between the vendor and the client thereby promoting more business volume and contemporaneously improving the repute of the organization among prospective customers.


For the BPOs that categorize themselves as mid-sized, contributing to the success of a selected group of clients with their customized services. BTMQ-07™ makes use of the TMMS Release 2.0 as a foundation stone, for propagating particulars of standards for processes across seven dimensions.

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As far as the Talent Management excellence is in question, BTMQ-10™ is the topmost (along with being the first) credential pursued by the BPO enterprises worldwide. It elaborates on the ability of a BPO to function optimally so that it can manage its talent systems to the best of their potential.

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BTMQ™ Impacts on Business

The latest trend of addressing the workforce or employee as ‘talent’ is a noteworthy development in modern business. The BTMQ credential strengthen the fact the employee are not just people with a host of skillset but are beyond that, precisely a “bouquet of talent” capable of performing complex roles which are valuable for the growth of the organization. On the same parallel line, the TMMS framework works towards keeping talent on the top of strategic management priorities in organizations. For this very reason, talent management has been set up as a separate corporate entity and not just limited to the HR department.

A significant and visible impact has been observed in the work environment, operations, competitiveness and business module of a BTMQ certified organizations. The process of obtaining a BTMQ certification involves rigorous compliance to the TMMS which eventually helps to construct the organization in positive light and tones up the all-round capabilities to deliver more value to clients.

Listed below are the various ways through which a BTMQ™ credential impacts an organizations' growth and business:

The workforce and its competency reflect the growth and business development of BPO organizations. Therefore, significant importance has been given in the development of talent management team in the organization. At the same time, BTQM certified organizations are considered the best among the BPO organizations, since they exhibit a workforce, which is stable; more competent; happier, and higher-performing than others, mainly for these three reasons:
  1. The compliance to TMMS release 2.0 makes the service delivery processes leaner and easier for employees to work through, with fewer redundancies and sharper clarity on tasks and accountabilities
  2. The TMMS compliance process leads to the development of a warm and enabling work environment with stronger, more effective mechanisms for employee engagement;
  3. The service delivery system undergoes a massive tightening making it possible for supervisors and managers to monitor and extract performance from the workforce.
All these inculcations help an organization to achieve success while launching a new horizontal or vertical or while expanding their business.
Indeed, the work culture and environment influences an employee's performance and considering the nature of work and size of BPO workforce, these two are the drive the business to great extent.
The process of attaining the BTMQ™ makes the organization more efficient, comfortable, in delivering services to clients which require process based yet monotonous work and long attention spans. Managing talents helps improve the culture and environment of each department as equal attention is invested on the talents. There are a specific guideline, measures, and policies which are defined under the TMMS which is followed by the talent management team.
The TMMS compliances omit all that get in the way of creating a positive organizational ecosystem. The process of making the organization so includes the composition of policies and systems which are transparent and unbiased, an empathetic communication tool, a motivating environment, and include training and learning programs. In an attempt to attain a BTMQ certification, an organization follows the path which eventually creates an environment where employees can perform better to deliver long-monotonous service to clients. The TMMS motivates all the departments, from smallest units to large ones to attend their talent pool.
Like all businesses, BPO organizations also have to adapt to the need of their clients and notch up their service delivery speed, style, and quality to keep pace with the client's requirement. Most of the time, BPO remains ahead to the new changes merely because of the fact that they analyze and foresee them prior any other industry. And, being in the BPO business and obtaining a BTMQ certificate, increases the reflexes of an organization and they become highly responsive to clients need. Also, when it comes to jumping start a new vertical or horizontal, a BTMQ Certified organization do not gestate and deploy their skill in no matter of time. The “cleaning” up of deadwood and the de-weeding of redundancies that happens during TMMS implementation tends to sharpen the processes of communication, information exchange, in-process quality assurance and skills-development; all of which serve to add agility to team behavior.
The High-Talent-Management costs are governed by majorly three aspects. They are Attrition, Training and Hiring. While organizations larger in size do not feel the impact of such costs, the mid-sized and smaller BPOs bear the grudge of such challenges. Such enterprises feel the maximum heat as employees are prone to the disease of attrition. As the case worsens, hiring the right candidates and spending the already limited capital on their training eats into the inexistent profits of the mid-range & smaller-sized BPOs. The BTMQ™ Certification saves the day, as it consolidates the groundwork of an organization, streamlines people-management processes. Such actions, hold the reins of attrition, reduces back-filing along with other costs and most importantly prevent poor-productivity in the case of new employees.
There is more to it than meets the eye as far as the relationship between a BPO and a Client is concerned. The clients expect more than just the bonds of a contract and meeting the SLAs. They expect the BPOs to be their guardians against any adverse trends in the market by anticipating changes and keeping them in the loop. A workforce being the fuel for the contraption of a BPO, it needs the BTMQ™ preparedness to help the clientele with the requisite steps to obtain a respected market share. Turning to TMMS for learning, while on its’ way to a BTMQ™ certification equips the BPO with an unmatchable combination of performance management & skill-development (transformative) mechanisms. Doing so, enables the workforce to match the needs of service delivery, style and quality of the emergent trends. While the BTMQ™ Certification prepares the mindset of the company top-brass to be ever-consistent and in process keep the employees on toes for good, the TMMS guidebook allows for the employees to be effectively reactive to the needs of the customers to provide value-added solutions.
Improving employee retention can save an organization myriad HR costs. It also helps in sustaining the confidence of clients enhancing the quality of services delivered. BPOs are more inclined to employee attrition majorly because learning-curve phenomenon in the Business Process Outsourcing organizations threaten productivity affecting the quality of services delivered to the clients.
BTMQ™ accredited organizations possess matured policies coupled up with strategic practices and a healthy work-environment that encourages workforce to stay back for a reasonable amount of time. Most importantly, the advantage of implementing TMMS in Business Process Outsourcing is helping the management to decide which employee should be retained. Also, it is helping them to differentiate between a positive and negative retention. A constant conformance to the model of TMMS allow managers and supervisors to think even more serious about talent retention within their own teams, departments and groups- also backed up by perks, rewards and career-enhancer policies that are merit-based and transparent. High retention rates are often associated with several factors like job-monotony, and lack of self-growth advantages among others. BTMQ™ qualified organizations develop capabilities to strategize and plan effectively in these situations to improve job-content, offer self-development opportunities and create more growth opportunities. The organizations with intelligently managed retention levels enjoy trust and respect of clients that they work with.
BTMQ™ Impacts on Business
To share your experiences of implementing quality standards & your approach towards rectifying errors, please write to us at

If found suitable, the entry, maybe published on one of BCIs newsletters. If found suitable, the story might even win a BCI professional certification Voucher. And, if the presentation and the entire story were found to be overwhelming, then your organization might even win a privilege voucher for BTMQ™ Certification.

BTMQ™ for my Enterprise

BTMQ™ Certification is an archetypal prize that should be pursued by the BPOs regardless of their field of discipline, to equip the workforce with the aspects of agility, motivation and most important of all, productivity. The niches that are associated with a BPO may be Customer Support Center, IT & Technical Helpdesk, Billing Company, Collections & Recovery Center, Data-processing Centers, back-office services, Accounting centers & In-bound/Out-bound Captive Centers. Needless, to say one BTMQ™ Certification covers them all. The BCI TMMS aims at obtaining the maximum output by uncovering the hidden strengths of a workforce. While venturing on the journey to acquire a BTMQ™ Certification, an organization is familiarized with tested ways of managing its employees to render a higher production.

BTMQ™ Certification has the following attributes as its advantages:

1. Improves HR Effectiveness & Efficiencies

BPOs that appear for a BTMQ™, report upon certification to have bettered facets involving employee loyalty as an issue, upgraded efficiencies by reducing lay-offs, and revamped effectiveness due to the intricate structure of processes thence introduced.

2. An Increased Corporate confidence because of Global Standard

The TMMS Release 2.0 has a certain bracket of practices, processes & systems of talent management. It is only when the BPO proves its dedication to implement and thoroughly follow the international guidelines, that the BMTQ™ Certification is provided.

3. Inspires Current Clients

It is only obvious that the existing level of confidence from the client would rise observing its service provider, the BPO, improve in quality & performance. Such a positive change, owing to the BMTQ™ Certification could urge the client to trust you, as a vendor, with more business.

4. Attracts New Clients Faster

Apart from being a process enhancement tool, the BTMQ™ could be looked upon as a tool for lead generation as well. The existing customers will prove to be the agents of “word of mouth” marketing as they would spread your reputation of being exemplary in your services.

5. Employees feel motivated to work in a globally benchmarked organization

It is a two-way process wherein the Organization puts in thousands of miles’ worth of extra effort to calibrate the company with global standards of workplace, seeing which employees advocate themselves to perform better, as a result of being valued.

6. Employer Branding Improves

Due to the reasons listed above, the organizations implementing BTMQ™ in their culture, attract talent to their doorsteps in search of better career motives, growth opportunities and to be associated with a brand that is well respected.

We are readily available at to hear from you regarding any query that might be facing you regarding the implementation of TMMS and attaining BTMQ™ Certification. Note, in case you are in the development phase of your BPO enterprise, BCI offers exciting BTMQ™ + BSDQ™ Combination options.

Also, if you already have adopted global standards at your BPO, then we’d be eager to learn from your experience and share it with people alike. You might win an international appreciation and a BCI professional certification voucher. Moreover, if your entry overwhelms everybody, then you might also stand a chance of winning privilege vouchers for BTMQ™ Certification.

Which BTMQ™ version should I choose for my Enterprise

The BTMQ™ has two further extensions namely the BTMQ™ & the BTMQ10™. Different BPOs which distinguish each themselves based on services offered, geo-locations etc. would be inclined to use these models accordingly. The BTMQ™ is one of its kind, and the worlds’ first framework, developed exclusively for BPO standards for HR System Excellence.

Organizations which have successfully accomplished complying to the Talent Management Master Standards, are lauded with this certification. The TMMS directly monitors ten critical, strategic, process & environment dimensions and takes initiative to suggest benchmarks in excess of 150 parameters that have influence on the metrics of Talent Management of your enterprise. Such measures help cure attritional subjects, under-productivity, informational thefts & compensation design.

If the BPO service provider, is operating with a team strength of up to 100 seats/workstations, and is offering small volume, Value Added Services to a pre-defined set of customers or is contracted with one client based in a particular latitude, then such an enterprise ought to begin at BTMQ7™. The TMMS, which requires involvement in spheres of time, commitment etc. can be implemented much faster due to a compact size of the organization. Considering the complications on part of the smaller BPOs when it comes to managing investments the BTMQ7™ is a viable option.

An organization, once certified with BTMQ-07™ lands itself the luxury of many a benefits. Few of them include attracting enviable talent, shortening the time frame of recruitment, mobilizing employment development programs and nurturing the work climate to spread engagement. These in effect reduce the attrition in the company. In totality, there are seven strategically identified drivers (Talent Management Quality) that follow the course of installation as the TMMS is being adopted and activated, travelling on the roadmap to BTMQ7™ Certification. All the BTMQ7™ pre-certification activities in a country are taken care of by BCI’s Service Standards Audit Group (SSAG) or Authorized Implementation & Audit Partner (BIAP) in that area.

We would love to hear from you in case you have any doubts regarding he process of implementing BTMQ07™ at
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This is the second category, which includes the BPOs that operate with a seat strength of 150 or more. BTMQ10™ is the perfect apparatus that mends issues regarding the service delivery and allows the organizations to operate in their already complicated market-place segments. BTMQ10™, which has been lauded for being ahead-in-time, is in reality the worlds’ most complex and sought after People Management Quality Standard for BPOs of the aforementioned category. The BCI Talent Management Master Standards that are supervised by the BPO Enterprise Certification Board (BECB), formulates the foundation for this framework. The BTMQ10™ is awarded to those organizations that have been able to visibly adopt to all 10 Talent Management Quality drivers, comprised in the TMMS Release 2.0 & that have proven compliant to the BTMQ10™ final Audit.

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BTMQ™ Certification Process

The BCI Management Quality Certification BTMQ™ is the mark of that credential, which is rewarded to organizations displaying compliance to the BCI TMMS- Talent Management Standards Release 2.0, which exudes Talent Management excellence across ten distinct parameters.

  • 01

    For the purpose of preparing Audit Activities Program (AAP), BAP regulates an RFI-based organization study.

  • 02

    The top management of the BAP Company participates in the BTMQ™ Launch workshop/seminar along with the team leader of BAP so to brainstorm on Audit Activities Program and the potential of logistics.

  • 03

    The customers’ BTMQ™ Project Team would require guidelines in regards to the finalization of the BTMQ™ Certification Preparation Document (BPCD) which is exactly what is formulated in this step.

  • 04

    A Company-wide study is undertaken for the BTMQ™ Status Audit (BSA) to curate the present state of affairs regarding the practices, systems & processes etc. in line with TMMS Guidelines.

  • 05

    Moving further, BAP carries out a GAP analysis and submits the report to the clientele informing them about the improvement action & implementation (including the BTMQ-07™/BTMQ-10™ Gap modulus - the measure of deviation from TMMS).

  • 06

    BAP plays the role of a consultant by intervening in the system restructuring process to upgrade them to the benchmark of TMMS requirements.

  • 07

    The customer then takes initiative to improve the processes as recommended by the GAP report.

  • 08

    A company-wide Pre-Certification Check is run to calculate the degree of compliance to TMMS along with any deviations, for the last time.

  • 09

    When the compliances have been observed to be met, the organization is considered to be certified with a BTMQ™.

  • 10

    Eventually, either the Organization is rewarded with the certificate (which happens by virtue of an award) or further recommendations are prescribed to be put in place.

If you’d like to gain further insights regarding the implementation of BTMQ™, then write to us at

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