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World’s Best BPO Qualifications

Reaching out to 50+ nations covering 7000+ locations, BCI is a global impact force and thought-leader in professional competence development for business process management and outsourcing industry today. BCI’s standards and BPO certifications are changing, improving and enriching the way nations breed their business process and outsourcing workforce; how they enhance their market-competitiveness and make their BPO sectors the engine of employment and economic growth.

BCI Impacts BPO Worldwide

BCI certified professionals stand right at the top of the global pecking order in business process management. Their process delivery, managerial and leadership capabilities in customer service, backoffice, accounting and technical support meet the requirements of the world’s largest corporations.

BCI Impacts on Business Process Professionals

BCI Certifications have impacted lives of over 50000+ BPO professionals over the last several years. If, the young have landed great jobs and started paying careers right after completing their education, people already working have registered noteworthy growth in their careers, professional eminence, productivity and capacity to contribute. Over 85% of the respondents feel that their certification has significantly impacted their career. You may like to explore BCI certification programs to achieve more in your career too.

BCI Impacts on Professionals
BCI Impacts on Nations

BCI Impacts on Nations

BCI has been working for governments directly and indirectly for the past several years on a range of projects related to BPO and ICT workforce development and industry competitiveness enhancement. Over the last five years, nations adopting standards and certification-centric approach to workforce and talent development have reported significant positive impacts on workforce quality; talent development progress and nations’ brand as BPO destinations.

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Why Should I get BCI-certified?

Because getting and growing in the finest operational, customer-support and backoffice jobs in banks, telecom companies, retail chains, hotels and outsourcing/ BPM/ BPO companies today requires assuring employers about your capabilities, promise and potential of performing on global standards.

And BCI certifications prove your professional caliber credibly and most powerfully. BCI tests individuals along the world’s most robust generic business process knowledge framework, the HCMS21, Version 9.14, to validate their knowledge in several profession-critical dimensions, before awarding its credential. That’s how BCI certifications can lend the sharpest competitive edge to your employability and growth. Choose from the widest array of credentials that cover all business process domains.

BCI Certified
Get Certified

The BCI credentialed are the world’s most preferred professionals !

Earn a BCI certification for yourself. Get your employees BCI-certified. Get your students job-ready through BCI-credentialed programs. Improve employability of job-seekers in your country through BCI workforce development programs. International trends and industry researches consistently show BCI-credentialed professionals are preferred hires not just in outsourcing and BPM firms; but also top choices for companies and organizations across the board including contact centers, technical support companies and almost every other kind of enterprise that produces services through teams in process based systems.

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The Truly Exclusive BCI Credential Cases!

All individuals who pass the BCI exams and pre-requisites for all the BCI Credentials, are awarded their certificates in exclusively designed credential cases. These cases contain printed certificates, designation pins, and copies of the Code of Ethics booklets.

IMPORTANT: The design and contents of these kits can change without notice
Credentials are Digital

Credentials are Digital

Just as those of most other great institutions, BCI credentials too now come digitally badged, ensuring your profile creates that awesome digital footprint of its own. You can showcase your BCI Credential on your digital profiles everywhere – all in real time, simultaneously, anywhere, anytime!

The world has become digital, and it’s only logical that the world’s finest BPO Certifications should also have the digital stamp on them. After all, the quality of our presence in the virtual space will define how effectively we'll grow in the BPO profession and create an impact on employers. Digital badging is the best, fastest, and the most impressive way to showcase digitally, your credentials, your accomplishments, your interests, your passions, your skills on the web. Your online presence adds that strong dash of credibility for your Customer Support and Outsourcing Skills and capabilities. You can earn digital credentials and nanodegrees through digital learning from institutions who’ve embraced digital badging. It's a spanking new way to learn toward, earn, and brandish the special in you. BCI joins the select few institutions including a few ivy-league ones who are now on a digital badging platform.

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