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Available across 50+ countries, the BCI certifications for BPO workforce/ agents/senior agents are the world’s most powerful international qualifications for young professionals in not only the BPO space, but also in other industries like hospitality, travel, banking, telecom and retailing.

These certifications cover the most important and popular career areas like Customer Interaction, Backoffice Services, Accounting Services and Technical Support and expand career-growth opportunities for individuals who are 1-2 years old in their jobs.

Successful completion of the BCI specialist-level programs leads to the award of the CFPS™, CBSS™, CTSS™ and the CCIS™ credentials and a permission to use them as designations. CFPS™/ CBSS™/ CTSS™/ CCIS™ certified professionals have proven knowledge and competence to function in multiple roles and job-contexts and environments in their respective domains.


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Global choices for the BCI Specialist-level BPO certifications in %

The BCI certifications devised for BPO workforce/ agents/senior agents that can be accessed across over 50 countries are the world’s premier and leading qualifications- designed for young professionals in not just the BPO space, but in other industries specializing in hospitality, travel, banking, telecom and retailing as well.

Global choices for the BCI Agent-level BPO certifications

For Senior Agents

Certifications in this Track

Certified Financial Process Specialist (CFPS™)


CFPS‌‌™ program is designed for individuals who have been working on Finance and Accounting processes in BPO companies for some time and now wish to grow into more challenging roles and lead teams soon.

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Certified Backoffice Services Specialist (CBSS™)


CBSS™ program is designed for professionals working in transaction processing BPO companies as Associates and who now desire to handle more challenging roles and tasks and move to frontline leadership positions sooner than later.

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Certified Technical Support Specialist (CTSS™)


CTSS™ program is designed for professionals working in Tech-Support BPO organizations and who now desire to take on more challenging roles and rise to supervisory/team lead roles as soon as possible.

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Certified Customer Interaction Specialist (CCIS™)


CCIS™ program is designed for Customer-Service professionals in BPO organizations who now desire to grow faster in their careers and attain frontline leadership roles sooner than later.

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Who Should Opt for BCI Specialist-level certifications

Who Should Opt for BCI Specialist-level certifications?

CFPS™, CBSS‌™, CTSS™‌, and the CCIS™ are unrivaled and unparalleled internationally reputed qualifications which help in developing and transforming careers in customer service, back office services, technical support, accounting services or sales. These certifications enhance the careers and benefit the young and modern professionals who aspire to:

  • Leap into bigger roles and responsibilities and challenge their status-quo as executives, agents, and representatives in small BPO companies, collection centers, contact centers, telemarketing companies, and similar organizations which offer services to their clients.

  • Advance into officers and executives and lead hotels, travel companies, hospitals, department stores, government offices, public utility companies, and telecom companies.

  • Make their way to bigger organizations with a handsome package and an organized environment from less-organized organizations.

  • Add international qualifications to their capabilities, competencies, and be more skilled and talented to attract great career opportunities and shift to recognized companies from small companies, banks or government offices.

Certification Benefits

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    Global Recognition

    The CFPS™, CBSS‌™, CTSS™‌, and the CCIS™ are globally reputed certifications which have emerged as the most preferred by individual professionals with 1-2 years of work experience- for their future career growth and by BPO companies, telemarketing companies, contact centers, customer service departments of banks, hotels, hospitals and telecom, travel and airline organizations- for elite league of performers who are highly certified.

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    Career Advantage

    The CFPS™/CBSS‌™/CTSS™‌/CCIS™ certifications spell an individual portfolio success with extensive and illustrious mention of being a BCI alumnus and belonging to the talent pool of best-in-class BPO professionals. The professionals with these high-class certifications become globally mobile resources with handsome package and perks as they are able to deliver high performance every time thanks to a wide exposure and experience to comprehensive market knowledge. Moreover, these professionals fit excellently on the expectations of handling challenges in the functionality of customer relationship management.

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    Employer Benefits

    As the professionals accredited with CFPS™/CBSS‌™/CTSS™‌/CCIS™ certifications are known to deploy new capabilities and competencies to their service delivery and working standards, the employers can quickly immerse them in new horizontals and client verticals. These professionals effectively raise the performance, productivity, and service quality bar with their professional energy and serve to create a global work-culture and environment without the setbacks of any necessary work gestation period as opposed to the non-certified professionals.

The First Sure Step to a Great Career!

The BCI Specialist/Agent level certifications address the employability needs of career-starters and young professionals by preparing them for global jobs in the most popular and important domains and professions like customer interaction, backoffice, accounting services and technical support. The CFPS™, CBSS‌™, CTSS™‌, and the CCIS™ certified professionals have demonstrated capabilities and expertise to function in multiple job roles, employment contexts and employment environments in their respective domains.