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BCI and BPO arrived almost together on the marquee. Starting out at the break of the new millennium when business process outsourcing was still toddling in a handful of nations like India, we've come a long way now. We've pioneered the word's most advanced standards-system for business process excellence that exactly fits the needs of Industry 4.0.

BCI certifications and services have assumed increasing relevance for professionals, enterprises and nations aiming at leveraging opportunities in various process-centered industry sectors, including, but yet, going beyond BPO/ BPM/ outsourcing. Looking back, 2007 was a watershed year for BCI, as almost simultaneous to the release of the first global version of BCI HCMS™ standards, BCI established its India office in the same year, bringing down the costs of credentialing, operations, solutions development and service-delivery for a wide variety of stakeholders globally. This year was also marked by the commissioning of the world's very first BPO online skills assessment platform – the BCI CREDENT™ and the launch of the invigorated BCI Worldwide Partnering Program, which would help BCI spread out to the world.

BCI shifted gears in 2009. We attained worldwide recognition as the best-designed cross-domain industry-validated credentials for career-starters, frontline workforce, team leaders, managers and functional leaders. Our Service Delivery and Talent Management Master Standards for BPO enterprises and the attendant BSDQ™ and BTMQ™ range of certifications too completed their validations and hit the market. The BCI Government Advisory Services Group was formed to enable BCI work more effectively with governments, BPO associations, ICT Boards, Multilateral aid bodies and donor organizations.

In 2011, BCI launched the world's first and the biggest ever BPO knowledgeware development project in collaboration with leading global publishers. The growing BCI knowledgeware repository is the world's very first for process-driven industries like BPO and is based on the BCI common bodies of knowledge aligned to HCMS21 Release 9.14. Mid 2012, sensing the huge demand for genuinely skilled and qualified BPO educators and trainers in developing countries, BCI initiated the world's first ever International BPO Educator Development project with the aim of establishing an elite league of Certified Lead Trainers. Today, BCI certifications and credentialing solutions reach out to governments, professionals and enterprises spread out across 500+ locations covering all international BPO, ITES and ICT hotbeds in over 50 countries.

“BCI has shifted gears almost as frequently as BPO itself has, redefining all along, the standards on which services are delivered across the entire industry spectrum. Today, when I lead the world's most exclusive and the largest credentialing platform - I am happy that the world's most respected credentialing organization is now a part of it – the CredForce worldwide network – and I continue to remain associated with this wonderful initiative called BCI.”

Rajiv Gupta

Member, Governing Council, BCI