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Exactly Cut-out for All Service Businesses

If your company is into a service business like Banking, Insurance, Retailing or into business services like Contact Centers, Telemarketing or Customer Support, you need to function on uniquely special customer service delivery and experience standards with well-oiled and agile people- and talent management practices. The BCI-SDM™ and BCI-TMI-ETMS™ certification series are designed exactly for the entire spectrum of customer-centric service providers and business-services organizations of the 21st century. These frameworks install excellence drivers within organizations across all critical dimensions imaginable – competitiveness requirements; people resources; business processes; business strategy; service delivery; and delivery systems – for organizations across sizes, scale and industry. We even have the world’s first and the only dedicated standards for the Impact-Sourcing space!


Expanding Process & System Productivity

Banks, hotels, insurers, communication services companies, internet providers, tourism agencies, BPM/ BPO companies and all process-centered service organizations cannot use the same management excellence standards as software or manufacturing companies do. They are most thoroughly, consistently and so continuously accountable and answerable to their internal and external clients than technology and manufacturing companies ever need to be. BCI enterprise standards and credentials are uniquely designed for empowering the systems and processes of all non-technology services companies for managing business excellence. Instead of ensuring Accountability-to-Customers only for the delivery of results and products, the capability assurance and validation mechanisms and rubrics embedded in BCI standards and certifications impact all stages of the “process” of service delivery – the entire internal value chain – as the “Process” is inextricably connected to the final result and “Product” to be delivered to clients.

The BPO management apparatus needs to be more responsive and agile to the changing needs of clients and their customers. In this industry, there are few second chances and a service provider needs to be perfect and first-time right - in real time. Making “human systems” work across time zones, 24X7 demands special “enablers”, “motivators” and hygiene drivers and excellence needs to be ingrained into the very DNA of organizations. Therefore, increasingly, in smart BPO companies, the workforce, the managers, the technologies, the revenue-modelers and the service designers – all are attempting to follow uniquely defined paradigms of performance, productivity and excellence – features that are so visibly characterize by the BCI enterprise excellence frameworks and certifications.

BPO Enterprise Needs are Different

Enhancing People Productivity

All service businesses continue to stay almost entirely people-dependent, and technology at best still plays only a supportive role. BCI-TMI-ETMS™ standards are designed for organizations where relatively more people use less technology to produce and deliver services of high marketable value. Though, services domains like banking, retail, insurance, travel, hospitality keep getting more technology-dominated, BCI-TMI-ETMS™ standards drive the real quality differentiation through ensuring how “human systems” make people function in the organization to constantly drive up productivity.

BCI-TMI-ETMS™ compliant organizations exhibit above par capabilities of reconciling educational, experience and cultural diversity of employees, and they have concrete mechanisms for binding diverse talent together for deployment in mission-critical, team-based work-processes where high-performance often means six sigma. BCI-TMI-ETMS™ compliant organizations also show vastly superior acumen and abilities of driving good people productivity results through innovative practices even in environments where job-conditions are otherwise marked by few job-enrichment opportunities and low-hanging glass ceilings.


Elevating Business Agility

BCI-SDM™ and BCI-TMI-ETMS™ directly charge the agility of organizations by empower their critical Profitability-, revenue-, cost- and business-continuity drivers for rapid adaptation to unpredictable and non-linear change. What is perhaps most noteworthy is that the mechanisms and practices established under these BCI standards are tailored for sharpening the reflexes of business services organizations and other service providers for braving change happening even their clients’ business environments. That’s how perhaps, BCI-SDM™ and BCI-TMI-ETMS™ certified BPO providers, for instance, can keep their clients’ businesses running, safe and growing in value, despite the vagaries of change. The BCI-SDM™ and BCI-TMI-ETMS™ certifications for enterprises are the most reliable proofs that certified organizations are nimble and sharp in their reflexes and responsiveness and agile to the flux & churn in customer preferences, technology and competition.

BPO Enterprise Needs are Different

Enhancing Value for Organization’s Clients

BCI-SDM™ and BCI-TMI-ETMS™ compliant service providers and business services organizations clearly exhibit a significantly higher capacity to drive costs down for clients and customers. Most service organizations like telecom providers and BPO companies work as boardroom partners to their clients, and the mechanisms and practices established under BCI-SDM™ and BCI-TMI-ETMS™ standards work to create positive impacts on the clients’ toplines, bottomlines, brand value and competitiveness. BCI enterprise standards help organizations work as more effective consultants, Man Fridays, service providers and shock absorbers for their clients.

Helping organizations get structurally as sophisticated as their multinational clients may be, BCI’s Service Delivery and Talent Management excellence frameworks and certifications target re-laying their excellence foundations and strengthening their service delivery frameworks which can help them handle the ever-growing expectations of their clients.


Matching Large Enterprise Needs

BCI-SDM™ and BCI-TMI-ETMS™ are ideally suited for large service businesses like multi-locational BPO companies, banks, retail chains, insurers, travel companies and hotels etc., which are typically characterized by geographically distributed service-delivery facilities and a huge workforce which is often culturally- and educationally- diverse and attritional. The rigorous multi-functional and industry-neutral architecture of BCI enterprise frameworks ensure that organizations that have implemented them are able to comfortably straddle diverse client verticals and service horizontals, which often forces them to play on multiple technology platforms simultaneously.

BCI-SDM™ and BCI-TMI-ETMS™ have been designed for large service organizations that need to remain connected real-time to their clients through databases and systems across the world with almost a desperate requirement to keep the workforce primed for high performance – constantly and always. The excellence-drivers embedded in BCI standards help organizations establish well-oiled process-systems required to stay customer-centered. The large BPO enterprise systems have to effectively integrate, sync and calibrate the productivity-, quality- and innovation- activity-clusters in very special ways which, in turn, are decided dominantly by client SLAs and workforce-dashboards. The BCI-SDM™ and BCI-TMI-ETMS™ certifications of BCI work on well-defined standards that effectively take care of these unique challenges of large BPO enterprises.

To share your own experiences of handling business excellence challenges in your organization, please write to us at Your contribution may be published in one of BCI’s international newsletters and it may well be an invaluable addition to the body of knowledge.

BPO Enterprise Needs are Different

Fulfilling Small Enterprise Needs

Interestingly, BCI-SDM™ and BCI-TMI-ETMS™ certified small BPO enterprises turn-in the same levels of high performance as their larger counterparts on service productivity and quality. They exhibit appreciably enlarged ability to sustain great SLA performances even without the advantage of scale and network that large organizations have. The underlying mechanisms of the BCI frameworks help small organizations avoid large budgets, long expertise, and huge teams and diversity that only large organizations can have.

The BCI BCI-SDM™ and BCI-TMI-ETMS™ standards and certifications are designed to help small and niche-servicing service businesses and organizations leverage their latent agility and responsiveness to deliver the same high quality of services to their clients as their more known, better managed, larger counterparts do - through facilitating faster communication, stronger personal bonds and more informal culture. To share your own experiences of running or managing a small enterprise and how have you handled the challenges of “growth despite size”, please write to us at Your contribution may be published in one of BCI’s international newsletters and inspire an organization.

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