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Strategic Benefits

Partnering with BCI implies dealing with the world’s most trusted outsourcing qualifications and BPO standards. BPO/ICT training is a thriving industry- and this is where the role of global leadership of BCI in business process management and outsourcing comes into play. Partnership with BCI helps Training Partners in realizing certain benefits, such as-

BCI Partnering Objectives

The latest BCI Partner Program promises to meet certain key objectives:

Transformation of training competencies

In order to enhance localized transformation of training competencies across different nations, the program rapidly establishes and activates exceptional BPO and IT development systems and facilities, addressing remote locations globally.

Noticeably, the partner organizations, within 45-60 days of signup can quick-start operations because establishment of a typical BCI Training Partnership demands 21 days.

Favorably positioned

To tap sizeable opportunities across a broad spectrum even in outlying areas, the program is favorably positioned to incept and actuate world-class BPO and IT credentialing systems and skills assessment.

Officially, BCI assists partner firms in setting up and activating a 50-seater BCI accredited Assessment Center (BAC) in a period of 15 days of infrastructure completion.

Attaining competitiveness

By the rapid formation and commencement of sustainable BPO and ICT industry eco-systems, the program helps developing and underdeveloped nations, driving economic growth and attaining global competitiveness of their ICT industries.

At present, governments are busy leveraging systems that BCI has set up to establish and innovate their very own BPO industry eco-system within 6-9 months.

Formulation of facilities

With a view to certifying BPO organizations on international standards of talent management excellence and service delivery, the new BCI Partner Program comprises formulation and launching of facilities and systems in major BPO industry locations.

BCI is rapidly re-engineering its global delivery system for audits and interventions with the objective of activating a full-body Excellence & Quality Audit & Certification apparatus in a country within three months.

Who can Partner BCI...

With 25+ organizations and global knowledge bodies as partners, the BCI International Program list comprises of who's who of the industry. The “inclusive” group has been split into the following five groups:

Education & Training Institutions & Organizations/Departments

  • Government Universities
  • Privately funded Universities
  • Government Higher Education Centers on BPO/IT Training & Research etc.
  • Commercial/privately funded large Training Organizations with multiple centers
  • Government funded/government Training Organizations – all types
  • Training Academies/departments of BPO/IT Companies
  • Small/micro sized commercial/privately funded Training outfits
  • Other types of Training organizations not covered above

Consulting/Process-Audit/Assessment Organizations

  • Government Education Regulatory/Curriculum Approval/Certification bodies
  • Internal departments advising Government Ministries on Process-excellence & quality
  • Commercial/privately funded multinational Consulting Organizations
  • Commercial/privately funded local Consulting Organizations
  • Government operated/funded Assessment Organizations/bodies
  • Commercial/privately funded Assessment Organizations
  • Government Employment Exchanges/Recruitment pools
  • Commercial/privately funded Recruitment Organizations

Government Departments/Ministries/ICT Boards/Associations

  • Ministry of Information Technology/Education/Outsourcing /Human Resource etc.
  • ICT/BPO/Board set up by governments to grow & regulate the industries of IT, BPO and also manage Talent development and capacity building
  • BPO/IT Industry Associations/Quality Management Bodies
  • Technology Parks

Multilateral Aid Bodies/Charity Foundations

  • World Bank or any other component –body of the United Nations Organization
  • Endowment-funded multinational Charity Organizations
  • Endowment-funded local Charity Organizations

Publishers/Content Creators
Learning Solutions Suppliers etc.

  • Content development companies/book publishers
  • Learning Software developers
  • Journals/Magazines publishers

BCI Partnership Code of Ethics

The BCI international partnering program with its global appeal has addressed multidimensional impact-objectives and expanded its geographical presence across a diverse set of organizations and business cultures.

With the same vision, BCI has cataloged the General BCI Partnering Codes of Ethics that weaves a common thread between countries and has created a worldwide network-force of a broad spectrum of partner-organizations irrespective of their sizes, types, and countries. BCI commits to empower the growth of Business Process Outsourcing industry by addressing the challenges, questions, and services of the products and channels with its one of a kind credentialing expertise.

The cornerstones of the General Codes of Ethics for BCI Partners which came into effect with the BCI Charter on Ethics, 2008 are:

  • Meeting Partnership Objectives

    Meeting Partnership Objectives

    To achieve partnership objectives through collective actions and mutual business understanding deploying strategies, plans, expertise, investment, and relationships.

  • Sustainable Value Generation

    Sustainable Value Generation

    To ensure application of vision and strategies for driving sustainable results and bring into effect complete accountability of the actions and value generation.

  • Transparency


    To ensure highest levels of integrity and empathy for stakeholders and clients in seeking solutions, acknowledging genuine constraints, and working in cooperation.

  • Compliance


    To ascertain compliance with all government and national laws and regulations and conduct business as law-abiding citizens. Additionally, to respect the honor and objectives of different organizations, people, brands, and business.

  • Social Contribution

    Social Contribution

    To contribute to growth of employability of youth, people from underprivileged or discriminated communities, unemployed students and laid-off employees.

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