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BPO companies, hyperstore chains, large banks and all other organizations that have huge process-based operations employing a large workforce can become BCI corporate learning partners to get direct and affordable access to the BCI international certification mechanism for their workforce for rapid, convenient and sustainable results.

Alternatively, training heads of BPO organizations directly apply to BCI for registering their employees and if required, BCI even organizes their training master/class. At another level, the BCI training partners and other BCI associates across the globe also offer BCI certification solutions to BPO companies in their countries.

Get Current Employees Certified

Getting your Team Leads, Agents, Managers and senior executives certified on international standards makes a strong statement on your organization’s focus and culture on all-round excellence.

BCI studies have clearly indicated that BPO organizations operating through globally qualified workforce and managers expand and grow their business faster, build stronger and better brand identities, grapple with and leverage change more confidently, control their bottom lines better, and accumulate bigger bargaining capabilities. BCI credentials bouquet presents a complete people-development solution to even the largest of BPO enterprises.

Certified workforce and managers even add that hard-to-beat appeal for prospective clients. If you have a strong training department, you can easily add the BCI accreditation at the end of your training regimen.

Start a BCI Corporate Learning Center in your Organization

International certifications for the workforce can easily be obtained by becoming a licensed BCI Corporate Learning Partner (CLP) and starting a BCI Corporate Learning Center in the organization. Installation of the complete certification management mechanism can be done along with the establishment of efficient and highly standardized BCI CREDENT™ assessment system.

Corporate learnn academy BCI permits co-branded certifications for the employees if the organization is multinational in its location with multiple cross-border delivery centers and facilities. With BCI facility, a “captive” breeding center is available for the certifications of employees and the option of expanding, diversifying, and adding verticals. The introduction of BCI special CLP program for BPO companies efficiently enabled small- and mid-sized BPO companies with seating capacities of 100-500 seats to maintain an affordable system and manage a world-class workforce in the domain of Impact Sourcing Network. Member BPO companies find it easier to get more business from Impact Sourcing aggregators the reason being the assurance of high service delivery quality and delivery & business continuity.

Many specialized teams across different geographical locations are assisting Corporate Learning Partners with the Trainer Breeding program. BCI has become a formal member of the CredForce consortium since 2018 which along with its highly expert shared services teams in capacity building will handle the partner appointment process for many geographies

The Corporate Learning Partner Program was launched in 2017 and is being established around the world in some of the best-known organizations.

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