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Customer service organizations, customer-support departments of large companies, banks, insurers, retailing giants, and organizations with large process management teams including BPO and BPM outfits increasingly demand enterprise credentials like the BSDQ™ and BTMQ™/ ETMS™ (managed by TMI now) series to stay tops in client-deliveries and profitable. As the world’s first and the only credentials covering all business process service domains., these certifications have emerged as the most established evidences of BPM and outsourcing organizations functioning on world-class systems and processes of service delivery and talent management. For more details on ETMS™, an email can be sent to

BCI now is expanding its network of Enterprise Credentialing Partners, who can take interface with potential clients, advocate BCI standards and credentials, and close project sales. The BCI Partner Program is independently handled by the globally distributed expert shared services network of CredForce. Organizations offering management or process consulting services or those implementing quality systems in ICT, BPO, or ITES organizations are welcome to apply for becoming a BCI Enterprise Business Partners for the BSDQ™ and BTMQ™/ ETMS™ range of credentials and standards.

Benefits of BCI Partnership for a Consulting Organization

The new BCI Partner program has been designed to achieve the following objectives:

Easy, Smooth Addition of a Growing Business Vertical/Practice

For an organization, becoming a BCI Enterprise Credentialing Partner means adding a new practice or a vertical in its business portfolio – an industry segment that is growing worldwide. The 2012 BCI Audit and Consulting Partner program has been designed such that the application-to-kickoff process completes in just three weeks, including the transfer of all knowledge & strategies for business and operations.

Expanded Business

A BCI Enterprise Credentialing Partnership serves to expand the revenue base of the partner organization by adding new category of clients to their list – those into business process management, customer support and back-office management.

Business Internationalization

BCI’s worldwide reach means a worldwide space for BCI partners to play in. A BCI Enterprise Credentialing Partner also therefore enjoys the advantages of getting international clients and expanding globally.

Partnering Process

Unlock business opportunities in enterprise certification best by being with the world leader!

And you can do it in five Simple Steps:

The prospective partner initiates the partnership enquiry by expressing its intent through an online application available on the website. This application is processed and forwarded to the globally distributed Partner Validation Group. This step takes 2-5 workdays on the maximum after the receipt of the online application. Indeed, there are certain categories of Partners, that are pre-approved and the partnering decision and other formalities are communicated much faster.

The online application is processed by the Partner Validation Group and a Clarification request (if any) is sent to the prospective partner.

This step takes 5–7 workdays after receipt of online application from the applicant organization.

The prospective partner exchanges clarifications with the Partner Validation Group and completes application process. As mentioned above, the Clarification request is sent within 5-7 workdays after receipt of online application from the applicant organization.

The decision about partnering and related information are communicated within 3-5 workdays of receiving the clarification from the applicant organization. As mentioned above, in certain partner categories, that are pre-approved, the decision may be instantly communicated.

The Appointment is formalized and attendant documentation is completed. The new partner also completes the formalities of purchasing BCI Certification System Units and the payment of a nominal application processing fee and/ or the License Fee (if applicable for the chosen partnership option.)

BCI Assistance and Support for Partners

Under the BCI Partner Assistance Program, the BCI HelpDesk team works in tandem with carefully selected other associates and partners to provide expert services to the ECP.

The following dimensions receive particular attention:

  • Sharing of systems and processes
  • Branding Support
  • Complete support in staff orientation
  • Complete support in business strategy, proposaling
  • Supply of all content, knowledge and templates etc.
  • Complete Support in Marketing and Pre-sales

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