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ICT Centers of Excellence; Ministries of IT & ICT and ICT & BPO Academies of governments; and Customer Service institutes across the world become BCI partners to establish large-scale workforce development systems within. The fact that BCI today operates in 50+ countries and its certifications, advisory and other services are delivered in almost 500 locations cutting across continents has been a key motivator for institutions and governments to partner BCI. Government departments, industry bodies and multilateral aid organizations form the chunk of the BCI stakeholders-body. The BCI Government Advisory Services Group has been at the forefront of several pathbreaking changes in more than a dozen countries in Africa and elsewhere.

BCI Government Partnering Program Objectives

The new BCI Government Partnering program has been designed to achieve the following objectives:


Helping Nations Create Employability for Common Industry Jobs for the Masses

Helping Nations Create Employability for Common Industry Jobs for the Masses

Rapid establishment & activation of worldclass talent development systems & facilities on HCMS21 standards in countries and promote indigenization of training capabilities.

Most notably, a typical BCI Government Partnership can be established within 45 days and partnering governments can quickstart operations within 60-90 days of signup.


Facilitating Nations’ Access to Worldclass Skills-Assessment & Credentialing Systems

Facilitating Nations’ Access to Worldclass Skills-assessment & Credentialing Systems

Rapid establishment & activation of worldclass skills-assessment and credentialing systems & facilities (CREDENT™) in countries.

For the records, BCI helps a partnering government set up and activate a typical 100-seater authorized BCI Assessment Center (BAC) within 15 days of infrastructure completion.


BPO/ICT ECO-System Development

BPO/ICT ECO-System Development

Helping developing and underdeveloped nations worldwide rapidly establish and activate sustainable BPO and ICT industry eco-systems to make their ICT industry achieve global competitiveness and drive economic growth. For instance, a BCI partnership helps a nation implement the BCI-SDM™ Standards and TMMS global standards in local BPO and ICT companies and do it very affordably and rapidly.

Today, BCI has set up systems that can help governments innovate and establish their own worldclass BPO industry eco-system in six to nine months.

Who can be a Part of BCI Government Partnering Program?

BCI Government Partnering program welcomes virtually all types of government departments and institutions – those who are directly or indirectly with the mandate to develop ICT and BPO in the country. More specifically, the following should be:

Education & Training Institutions & Organizations/ Departments

  • Government Universities
  • Government Higher Education Centers on BPO/IT Training & Research etc.
  • Government funded/government Training Organizations – all types

Consulting/ Process-Audit/ Assessment Organizations

  • Government Education Regulatory/Curriculum Approval/Certification bodies
  • Internal departments advising Government Ministries on Process-excellence & quality
  • Government operated/funded Assessment Organizations/bodies
  • Government Employment Exchanges/Recruitment pools

Government Departments/ Ministries/ Ict Boards/ Associations

  • Ministry of Information Technology/ Education/ Outsourcing/ Human Resource etc.
  • ICT/BPO/Board set up by governments to grow & regulate the industries of IT, BPO and also manage Talent development and capacity building
  • BPO/IT Industry Associations/Quality Management Bodies
  • Technology Parks

Multilateral Aid Bodies/Charity Foundations

  • World Bank or any other component–body of the United Nations Organization
  • Endowment-funded multinational Charity Organizations
  • Endowment-funded local Charity Organizations

BCI Partnering Possibilities for Governments

The Government Partnering program spells out the following 5 partnering possibilities:

  • Development of ICT Talent Pool through Certification, Training & Education
  • For propagation and implementation of global Standards & Excellence in local BPO companies
  • Development of Knowledge & Research related to ICT
  • Certification Assessment Delivery
  • BPO/ICT Industry Growth

All activities related to partner appointment, interface and service will be managed by the globally distributed expert shared services network of CredForce, the global leader in credentialing facilitation services.

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