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Who Can Be Nominated?

The following senior professionals and leaders qualify for nomination for BCI CBBL™ credential:

  • Business Heads/ CEOs of BPO companies, bills processing and backoffice support and documentation companies, contact centers, telemarketing companies, KPOs, technical support companies and other companies providing services in an outsourced mode.
  • Senior professionals on the boards and councils of outsourcing promotion agencies and BPO/ ICT associations.
  • Heads of BPO workforce development/ training and BPO/ outsourcing industry projects in governments and other UN and community service organizations.

Nomination Tracks

Nomination Track 1: External Nomination:

Nominations for CBBL™ for a senior BPO professional are accepted thorough this public channel. Under this track, leaders are considered for CBBL™ if at least six other professionals of repute recommend them for the credential. Once nomination recommendations are received for leaders, the information and data about their industry and business contribution, etc., are gathered from blogs, social media conversations, research databases, online journals, etc. The selected outsourcing leaders are often contacted for seeking additional information and for validation and verification.

If you wish to recommend your colleague or an outstanding senior professional for a BCI CBBL™ nomination, you can do so by clicking here. Once you submit your recommendation, we/ you can send an email to this person requesting her/ him to complete the required formalities. An independent team of experts will evaluate nominations and finalize CBBL™ award.

Nomination Track 2: Self-Initiation:

Outsourcing leaders interested in earning the elite CBBL™ credential can initiate their nomination process from a link on this page. During initiation of nomination under the self-nomination route, the applicants essentially choose who among their colleagues, clients, acquaintances etc., will participate in their nomination process. To complete a nomination successfully and enter a CBBL™ reckoning in this mode, CBBL™ candidate-professionals must mandatorily obtain a nomination by:

  • 1 3 colleagues in their respective employer-organizations
  • 2 3 external senior professionals from the BPO/ outsourcing industry

This track involves representatives from all BPO stakeholder-sections that usually get opportunities to deal with nominated outsourcing leaders. Outsourcing leaders interested in earning the CBBL™ can initiate their nomination process here. Once you click this link, you are taken to a nomination initiation form, in which you fill out information about your contribution and achievements, as well as details of your colleagues, etc., who will recommend you for a nomination.