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The BPCB is the transformed Human Competence Examination Board (HCEB), which was established under the BCI amended Charter of 2007. BPCB is responsible for validating the professional competence standards and organizing examinations for all BCI professional certifications programs through two councils– the BCI Council for Examinations (BCE) and the BPO Professional Standards Council (BPSC). While the BCE handles examinations, the BPSC looks after validations, revisions and accreditation of the BCI Human Competence Master Standards (HCMS). The BPCB comprises 6 Zonal segments known Professional Certification Management Committees PCMC) – one for each of the 6 BCI Strategic Zones. All BCI certification programs are authorized by the Programs Validation Committee (PVC), while the Credentialing award decisions are taken by the Credential Award Committee (CAC).

Since October 2013, the global shared services network of the CredForce™ Group handles the delivery of examinations across zones in tandem with the respective Zonal PCMCs and the Examination Councils, if required. CredForce™ also coordinates with numerous organizations and bodies to help the Professional Standards Council in standard validations, accreditation and revisions.

A BCI certification is rewarded to the applicants who successfully qualify all prescribed BCI assessment components. The assessment requirements for a typical BCI certification comprises all or a combination of the following parts:

  1. Knowledge Level Assessments through Online Examination.
  2. Online Assignments/Dissertation submissions on prescribed issues/topics.
  3. Online Competence & Performance Report submissions by registrants’ seniors/supervisors.

BCI examinations are strictly regulated by the HCMS21 framework, release 3.5 using advanced knowledge- and application- testing methodologies. Owing to certain reasons of proctorial inadequacies or logistics, these assessments may be conducted offline in some geographies. The BCI assessments are usually delivered online through the powerful CREDENT™ engine.

Details on pre-certification assessment components for various BCI Certifications are available in their respective sections on this website. You may also write to us at


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BCI Certification Assessment Venue

The assessment of BCI certification takes place under a rigid invigilation in authorized BCI Assessment Centers (BACs). As far as the reach of BAC is concerned, it already has a global network and is on the verge of expanding to 80 more countries. Also, there are possibilities of expansion through an alliance with international examination bodies.

The infrastructure is a matter of pride for BAC, with each center having special state-of-the-art test stations covered by live AV monitoring of all examination events. All the news and information regarding the BCI Examination is uploaded in the assessment portal, including the assignments and dissertation reports. Along with this, the examinees receive passcode prior to the exam as set in the calendar to appear for the examination.

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BCI Assessment Policies

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