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Certification Preparation Requirements & Training

Only after an individual has withstood formal training & preparation for the pre-defined duration of time under BCI certified trainers/instructors/faculties, does an individual earn Preparation Credits, which are a pre-requisite for a BCI Certification. BCI would only allow the individual to appear for the examination, once the professional has accumulated the required amount of credits. The machinery for Preparation Completion Credits (PCC) has been designed for career-starters/entry level applicants as for higher level certifications, such formalities are redundant.

The certifications jargoned fresher-level examinations, namely CCIP™, CBSA™, CFPA™, CTSA™ require the examinees to enroll for classroom trainings/Master Classes, supervised by BCI Authorized Training Providers (ATPs). Such classes might as well be conducted by the ICT Learning Centers or International Centers of Outsourcing Studies (ICOS™) and are a means to collect PCCs for the enrollees. It is to be noted that such institutions are operated in select universities in many a-countries. The training heads in these centers participate in the process by virtue of their recommendation upon the requisite amount of point completion by the professional. The BPCB, is deciding meanwhile on introducing the self-study mode for entry-level certifications. For further insights into the topic, please get in touch with us using

Certification Preparation Requirements & Training

Study Material (Self)

Though the content partners of BCI have been offering constant support to training providers for years, the advent of the foremost BPO development project in association with global content and publishing leaders like Wiley in 2010 brought a new era in BPO learning.

In a few countries, Certification Preparation Guides for several BCI certification programs can be accessed by individuals who have opted for the self-study mode to prepare for their chosen BCI Certification. In countries like these, the Guides can be obtained either online or can be shipped in the form for physical kits, wherein, the Voucher fee includes the cost of this material. However, the self-study mode is yet not activated for many countries and is expected to launch for them in the coming time. From September 2013, expert teams at CredForce Consortium are managing the BPO knowledge ware project and developing learning content for the entire range of BCI certifications across the globe.

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