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There have been two predominant excellence standards that have driven the need for change in the BCI Frameworks over the years namely, Talent Management & Service Delivery.

The Service Delivery Maturity Standards (SDMS Release 1.6 under the present circulation) has been the bulwark for excellence in BPO companies when it comes to optimizing the flexibility towards an ever-expectant market. They have led from the front to assist the organizations in remodeling their structure of operations to improve business processes significantly. The outer-sphere of the company being taken care of, the inner spheres relating to workforce efficiency and managerial supervision are governed by Talent Management Master Standards (TMMS Release 2.0 in the present circulation). It allows for the enterprise to enjoy a productive, quality centered and a more customer-inclining culture at the workplace.

From the viewpoint of a Service Provider, both the frameworks of the BCI are increasingly appropriate to their needs, as the PRIDE approach is leveraged to imbue every entity of the office with perfection. An organization aspiring to implement SDMS or TMMS benefit the most from the PRIDE approach. The PRATICE needs to bring out the methodology that an organization adopts in order to stimulate perfection. The essentiality of business in todays’ time is that it should readily adapt to changes and stay ever-RELEVANT while delivering the IMPACT to the stakeholders. The practices which bring in effect such changes should be DIFFUSED across all the departments of the enterprise and should continue to EVOLVE with the changes in the market-place (technology, service quality expectations). With the modifications to such frameworks increasing in number, moderations centering around Impact Sourcing have also been added, so as to make the BCI credentials suitable to BPOs operating in regions of Africa & Asia Pacific.

An organization upon proving their metal in regards to SDMS gets certified either with BSDQ-09™ or BSDQ-14™. Complying to TMMS will land the enterprise with a BTMQ-07™ or a BTMQ-10™.

Service Delivery Maturity Standards (SDMS) Frameworks

Consistently delivering highest-quality services to clients and their customers at progressively lower costs will always remain the greatest basic challenge for BPO companies.

Business Process Outsourcing itself is getting intensely competitive worldwide and the ever-rising client expectations have hardly helped matters. Till the release of the BCI Service Delivery Maturity Standards (SDMS) and the BSDQ™ Systems Series by the BPO Enterprise Standards Board (BESB), there were practically no versatile standards and Service Delivery Management systems to guide BPO companies globally. Most of the well-managed BPOs adapted service systems of other industries and some smarter, smaller BPOs used intuitive brilliance to create their own Service Management systems.

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