The Baha'i Faith of Pittsburgh, PA
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A Brief History of
The Bahá'i Faith of Pittsburgh

In 1909 Martha Louise Root, a journalist from Cambridge Springs, became a Bahá'i in Pittsburgh. She went on to become one of the most distinguished teachers of the Bahá'i Faith. Miss Root was employed by several Pittsburgh newspapers; one of her articles describing Bahá'i history and teachings appeared September 26, 1909 in the Pittsburg Post. ...continued

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What do Bahá'is believe in?
  • the oneness of God
  • the oneness of humanity
  • the common foundation of the world's religions
  • the equality of men and women
  • the elimination of prejudice
  • the elimination of extremes of wealth and poverty
  • the independent investigation of truth
  • universal education
  • the harmony of science and religion
  • a world commonwealth of nations
  • a universal auxiliary language
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