A Study of Baha’u’llah’s Kitab-i-Iqan, The Book of Certitude



Summary of Iqan, Part I


[Numbers refers to the page in the US published version]


  3)  Detachment is a prerequisite for the seeker.


  4)  Reasons for denial of Manifestation by those who had expected him is the same in every age.


  7)  Account of Noah.


  8)  Non fulfillment of divine promises are tests.


  9)  Accounts of Hud, Salih, Abraham & Moses.


13)  Every prophet has foretold the signs of coming of the next one.


14)  It is blasphemous to say the testimony is incomplete.


14)  Reason for opposition is petty mindedness, pride and arrogance of people who follow their leaders.


15)  Leaders have hindered the people for lust of leadership or want of understanding.


18) Account of Jesus.


19) Jews did not understand the meanings of the signs.


20) Jesus said "I go away and come again", & "I go and another will come"; same meaning.


21) Muhammad said "I am Jesus".


22) Bread from heaven is understanding of holy texts.


24) It is our choice to accept or reject, but pity if we deprive ourselves.


25) Jesus gave signs of His coming; Math 24:29-31.


26) Christian divines clung to literal interpretation of words of Jesus.


27) Another barrier: "Heaven and earth shall pass away but my words shall not pass away".


29) Oppression is appearance of foolish leaders without conscience or reason.


30) Clergy naturally tend to idle fancy which is the door to earthly riches, leadership and pride instead of the Revealer who

      calls for self sacrifice.


32) Oppression is  not knowing where to turn for guidance.


33) Sun is the Manifestation, source of life.


35) Man can not comprehend Prophets.


36) Sun, moon, stars are Prophets, saints, companions; Luminaries whose knowledge sheds light in the world; also divines of a former dispensation.


38) Sun, moon, stars are laws & teachings e.g. prayer & fasting.


43) Qu'ran refers to Easts and Wests.


44) Cleaving of the heaven is annulling of the former dispensation; more difficult than the physical one.


46) Changing of the earth is of heart; true knowledge blossoming.


47) Also physical changing.


48) What use is physical folding of the earth; earth of understanding; heaven of revelation.


49) Purpose of symbolic terms is to test man.


50) Change of Qiblih was a test.


51) All places are equal except as appointed by the Manifestation.


52) Those who fail the tests by the touchstone of God are "affrighted asses fleeing from a lion".


53) God is independent of the comprehension of man; but has decreed that the true should be separated from the false.


55) Ponder the commotion which God stirreth up! Moses was a murderer & Jesus was apparently fatherless.


57) The ways of Manifestations are contrary to the ways of men.


60) "The universe is pregnant with these manifold bounties...In the soil of whose heart will these holy seeds germinate?"


62) Star in heaven :             visible and                    invisible

      Abraham:                     Nimrod's dream;           herald;

      Moses:                         Pharaoh's dream;          herald;

      Jesus:                           Magi;                           John the Baptist;

      Muhammad:                 signs;                            4 men & Salman;

      The Bab:                      Astronomers;                Ahmad & Kazim;


66) "Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven" i.e. from the heaven of the will of God, in the form of the human temple.


69) Two kinds of knowledge: Satanic & Divine; clean the heart that it may discover.


71) Words are powerless to convey.   


71) Clouds mean repeal of rituals and customs; exalting of illiterate faithful; Manifestation in the image of mortal man.


76) Smoke means dissensions.


77) When the enemies meet the self sacrificing Babis they profess faith out of fear.


78) Little perception is required. 


79) Angels mean holy ones


82) Three conditions of understanding the text: a) favorite of heaven; b)  inspired Prophet; c)  tested souls


84) "Corrupting the texts" refers to specific cases e.g. story of Ibn-i-Suriya.


86) Believers do not and cannot mutilate the widespread book.


87) "Perverting the text" refers to Jewish divines writing treatise refuting Muhammad.


89) Text of gospel is preserved.


91) Manifestation is known through himself, others by his light; only proof is the book.


92) Advice for people of Bayan not to cling to certain passages of their book.